Weekly Love Horoscope Overview – March 22 – 28

Weekly Love Horoscope Overview – March 22 – 28

Aries Weekly Love Horoscope

Birthday season has arrived for you, Aries! As the sun now resides within your zodiac sign, feel the fresh burst of energy, enthusiasm, and magnetism. Whenever the sun resides within your zodiac sign, it means that you hold more power and dominance in the affairs of the world around you and within your life. Now is the time to consider what role you’d like love and sex to play in your year to come and start putting it into action.

Luckily, with goddess Venus dancing into your zodiac sign right on March 21, you’re about to become as attractive as ever! Utilize her vibrations as a battery of beauty in order to update your look, buy new wardrobe, or even get a facial. By acting now, you can retain her glow even after she passes into other parts of the sky.

Another special blessing of holding her within your first house is that you will easily be able to attract others to you and it is often a fated time for new love. Single Aries should step out into the world and show everyone that you’re on the market! Committed Aries can also embrace this sparkle by spending more time with their significant other intimately. The most important date to note this week will be March 26 when the sun and Venus unite in a conjunction. This is one of the most significant days of the year to plan something special so don’t miss out!

Taurus Weekly Love Horoscope

As the sun and Venus take a dive this week into your twelfth house, it’s time to rest, rejuvenate yourself, and contemplate what role romance plays in your life. Single Tauruses should take a step back to evaluate the patterns they have been repeating when it comes to dating and how they can learn from them. Don’t revisit the same mistake now that you are wiser. Instead, learn from every relationship and interaction you have had.

They can teach you more about yourself, your needs, and other people. Committed Tauruses may be feeling the need to spend a bit more time in solitude. However, to harness this energy in your relationship, focus on snuggling up close with your one-and-only behind closed doors! Take naps together, enjoy a home spa night, or even just live in the beauty of silence together. This will allow your spirits to grow closer and understand one another’s rhythms better.

The most important day of the week for love, though, will be March 26 when the mighty sun forms a conjunction with your ruler, Venus. This is a blessed day for affection, harmony, and intimacy, so plan something magical and you’ll be glad that you did.

Gemini Weekly Love Horoscope

With the sun and Venus now spinning in a beautiful dance within your eleventh house, it’s time for fun, pleasure, and recreation, Gemini! With these two moving here, you can find romance by associating with friends and acquaintances.

Single Geminis may be able to turn a casual connection into a romantic one, especially if you’ve had a crush for quite some time. Online dating will also go especially well for you now and in the month ahead, so download an app and upload your hottest photos! Committed Geminis can also enjoy this festive vibration with their significant other by deciding to go on double dates or even heading out to an event in a group. This will stimulate adventure between you.

The most important date this week will be March 26 when the sun and Venus embrace in a conjunction. This will be a dazzling day to socialize or plan a memorable meeting. Also, as we approach the end of the week, the power of the upcoming full moon in your fifth house will begin to be felt. A crucial choice around romantic matters could be just ahead—or the potential to connect with a soulmate! Follow your heart, Gemini.

Cancer Weekly Love Horoscope

With the sun and Venus uniting their strength this week in your tenth house of public recognition, all eyes are on you, Cancer. This bodes especially well for Cancers looking to have a large wedding at this time or show off their relationship. This may suddenly make you and your partner quite popular and the royalty of the town! Applause, celebration, and good fortune are surely smiling upon you.

However, if you are single, this may actually encourage you to date “up” in the world. If you’ve had your eyes on someone with prestige, power, and a bit a fame, now would be the perfect time to try to lure them your way! Exciting news could come your way on March 21 from someone in your network with a surprise introduction. If you’re open to dating outside of your type with someone who is a bit more exotic, online dating could also bring you a stimulating match!

The most important date to note this week, though, will be March 26. As the sun and Venus embrace in a conjunction, all matters of the heart will shine. This puts a great focus on personal relationships and is auspicious for growing closer. If single, do not miss scheduling a first date now, as they could truly be a soulmate connection!

Leo Weekly Love Horoscope

With the sun and Venus in a fellow fire sign, you’ll be feeling much more at ease, Leo. You should feel that doors are now opening more quickly in all personal matters. Interestingly, with Venus in this ninth house, it would be an auspicious time for travel with your partner.

The experience would open both of your eyes and bring your hearts ever closer. Single Leos may have great luck attracting a partner who is outside of their normal type, especially if this individual is originally from a different country, background, or spiritual tradition. Take a chance because this could be a winning match and leave you nothing short of breathless!

A date to watch for this week, though, is when fiery Mars in your eleventh house sings with Saturn in your seventh on March 21. This may bring unity between your partner and your friends—a lovely opportunity for fun and adventure. The best day this week will be March 26 when the sun and Venus embrace in a conjunction. This will put a special focus on all relationship matters and infuse your life with a pleasant, charming, and sweet influence. Plan a memorable date now—no matter if you are single or attached!

Virgo Weekly Love Horoscope

As the sun and Venus migrate into your eighth house, you are feeling a deep urge to merge, Virgo. This energy will encourage you to address your innermost desires and needs, whether they are emotional, sexual, or financial.

Whether or not your partner is measuring up will be on your mind. Use the week ahead to communicate where you stand, what you require, and what you wish to provide. After all, relationships are a two-way street and your partner may think it’s time to speak up, too. Don’t be worried, though, with Venus in this sector, intimacy, vulnerability, and sensuality are nearly guaranteed. Single Virgos should proceed delicately toward new options rather than rushing right in. Know your worth and your boundaries. This will help you to follow your intuition.

As the sun and Venus unite in a conjunction on March 26, this would be a gorgeous day to plan a memorable event with someone who you care for. Peace, harmony, happiness, and romance will be infused into the cosmos, so don’t miss out on capturing them now! This aspect favors pleasure and relaxation and will have you feeling aligned and social. This could bring an intimate night you remember forever.

Libra Weekly Love Horoscope

With the sun and Venus now spinning in a beautiful dance across the sky from you, partnerships are especially favored for you, Libra! As these two sing melodies from the heavens above, you could find that all of your relationships are suddenly more harmonious.

Committed Libras can use this energy to smooth out any frustrations that may have been between you as well as begin to discuss long-term plans you’d like to tackle as a team. Single Libras should now make a list of the kinds of traits they’d like a significant other to have and set forth to connect with potential options. The cosmos are asking you to contemplate having a relationship with someone who will truly stay—not just a fling or scandalous hookup. You are worthy of extraordinary love, Libra!

The best day of the week will be March 26, as the sun and Venus embrace in a conjunction in your seventh house. Make a promise you want to keep now with your serious partner. If single, don’t miss this date to schedule a memorable meeting. However, as you near the end of the week, a full moon in your zodiac sign approaches. You will feel especially fired up and ready to stand up for what you want, so prepare to step into the spotlight.

Scorpio Weekly Love Horoscope

With our cosmic messenger, Mercury, still spinning within the seas of your fifth house, your mind remains on matters of the heart, Scorpio! This is a great time to speak your mind and take the initiative regarding how you feel.

Mars continues to power up your sector of intimacy this week, so it is clear you are hungry to be close to someone on a body and soul level. Venus will shift zodiac signs this week, too, dancing into your sixth house. While this will mostly make interactions with coworkers easier, there is even a possibility of a sudden office romance! If you can truly keep business and pleasure separate, you might be encouraged to give it a go!

A dazzling date to note this week will be March 21, when Mercury in your fifth house links with Uranus in your seventh. A surprise message, invitation, or conversation could come at you, leaving you smitten and intrigued. However, the absolute best day of the week will be March 26 when the sun and Venus unite in a conjunction. This is an auspicious day for all matters of the heart, so plan a memorable meeting with someone new or your long-term lover. Harmony, laughter, and pleasure will rain down on you like arrows from Cupid!

Sagittarius Weekly Love Horoscope

With the sun and Venus now sizzling into your fifth house, it’s time to turn up the heat in your love life, Sagittarius! Also, with Mars bringing so much attention to your seventh house, this favors passion, sex, and commitment all in one!

Committed Sagittariuses can harness all of the good vibrations to bring the spice, wonder, and adventure back into their relationship. However, single Sagittariuses can also share at this time. In fact, it’s truly one of the best periods of the year for you to find a new connection. Pleasure, recreation, and dating should happen quite easily now, so put yourself out there. New crushes or prospective suitors could be around every corner.

The best day of the week will be March 26 as the sun and Venus unite in a conjunction in your fifth house. All love relationships will flourish now, so plan something especially memorable. Peace, harmony, laughter, and good fortune are promised. Make a promise you want to keep. Some Sagittariuses will even find that they have officially fallen in love!

The week will end as you approach the full moon in your eleventh house, likely inviting you to attend a festive event with friends. Don’t pass it by, as you will have more fun than you expect.

Capricorn Weekly Love Horoscope

As the sun and Venus shift gears and head into your fourth house, you’ll be feeling the need to nest, Capricorn. This vibration will encourage you to spend more time at home and beautify your space. Love can also blossom at home, too!

Committed Capricorns should spend time being domestic with their significant other or even enjoy fun games, a candlelit dinner, or a long bath together. The sweet vibrations will bring harmony and peace to you and you’ll both feel completely attuned to one another. March 21 may bring a surprising message from your lover—especially if you are dating and still looking for the right match.

The best day of the week will be March 26 as the sun and Venus embrace in a glorious conjunction. This transit brings all sorts of blessings to love relationships, sending harmony, beauty, and sweetness to all of us down on Earth. Single Capricorns should plan a delightful date with someone who awakens their interest. This could end up being a soulmate connection! Committed Capricorns shouldn’t miss out on this, either. Put pleasure, intimacy, and amusement with your partner at the top of your list and the evening could end up being quite memorable.

Aquarius Weekly Love Horoscope

As Venus shifts gears and heads into your third house of communication, you will more easily be able to enchant people with everything that you write or say, Aquarius! This will give you a very special ability to seduce new or current partners, so leave love notes, send memes, and above all keep the conversation going!

Also, with mighty Mars continuing to power through your fifth house of passion and romance, your heart is likely aflame. You are especially favored to meet a new connection now, so make dating a major priority. Mars takes two years to go around the sun, so this is truly one of the most important indicators of a fiery romantic life!

Don’t just put your hopes into one person if you’re casually looking, though. Find someone who truly lights your sparks! Committed Aquariuses can also enjoy this vibration by stepping out of your comfort zone together and injecting adventure! Try something new out together that will keep you stimulated and excited.

The best day of the week will be March 26, as the sun and Venus unite in a conjunction. This transit will bring happiness, pleasure, harmony, and fortune to all relationships. Plan a special event with your one-and-only or ask out your crush. They could very well end up being a soulmate connection!

Pisces Weekly Love Horoscope

One of the loveliest alignments the stars have written will take place this week, Pisces. While there could be some headaches this week, particularly March 23, the best news for the week comes later on.

The fiery sun will unite in a gorgeous embrace with goddess Venus on March 26. This is one of the most auspicious days for love in all of 2021! This transit will favor all relationships, but especially romantic ones. Schedule an important date with your one-and-only or ask out someone you’ve had your eye on! This aspect can align soulmate connections as well as have existing unions grow so much closer.

If single without any prospective option ahead, use this time to socialize and head out with friends. This may attract fortune to you, as well! Sensuality, intimacy, and laughter are likely to rain down on you as if gifts from Cupid, himself. Make a promise in love that you’d like to keep, and it could end up being one of the most important ones you ever make.