Weekly Love Horoscope Overview – November 8 – 14

Weekly Love Horoscope Overview – November 8 – 14

Aries Weekly Love Horoscope

Sometimes less is more, dear Ram. As the moon makes its way through Capricorn during the first part of the week, you’ll want to remember this premise. You don’t want to shut off completely, but keeping your cards close to your chest or being a little less available will bring a sense of mystery to your aura, especially on the eighth when the moon forms a helpful connection to the enigmatic Scorpio sun.

While there might be an ulterior motive to your unavailable disposition, you actually will have a ton of personal engagements on your plate this week! A shift will manifest on the ninth when the moon sets up camp in Aquarius, asking you to go out and have a good time with your friends. This will create the perfect cosmic environment to pique your crush’s interest through social media posts, especially if you’re looking super cute while having fun with your pals. Just be mindful that your coy game of hard-to-get doesn’t go too far. If you truly do share a romantic interest with someone, it won’t serve you to totally blow them off — but it also won’t hurt for them to realize you have a vibrant life outside of your dating status.

Taurus Weekly Love Horoscope

The week kicks off with the Libra moon activating the sector of your chart that rules personal philosophy, which means you should seek emotional fulfillment spiritually before you look for it romantically. These vibes will be especially poignant on the seventh as the Capricorn moon cozies up to lovely Venus, asking you to practice self-love and healthy boundaries. Going within right now can help bring clarity to your romantic path ahead, so don’t feel bad about indulging in some quiet time for self-reflection.

You’ll see some serious action on the tenth when communicative Mercury forms an alliance with passionate Mars. This cosmic climate has no patience for games, and people will show you who they really are. If your crush isn’t living up to your expectations, you should take it as a huge red flag and get out while you still can. On the plus side, if you are entangled with the right person, things could really heat up in the emotional, physical, and intellectual realms.

Emotional breakthroughs will manifest on the twelfth as the Pisces moon forms helpful connections to Mars, Mercury, and then Uranus. If there’s someone you’re hoping to grow closer to, use these vibes to break down barriers while holding space for honest and transparent conversations.

Gemini Weekly Love Horoscope

You’ll likely feel unsure about the future and how deeply you want to commit to someone during the first part of the week, as Venus shares an unbalanced aspect to the north node. Don’t let anyone pressure you into moving forward with them, and remember that it’s okay to stand still during moments of uncertainty.

The tenth will bring a significant shift your way, as your ruling planet, Mercury, forms an alliance with the action planet, Mars. You’ll feel more in tune with what you want during this cosmic climate, and the universe will push you to follow your gut. This energy will act as an accelerant to your goals, plans, and relationships, so if something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. A harsh square between these two planets and Saturn could lead to issues with boundaries, so you’ll need to remain strong within your personal disposition.

Saturday will usher in a soft, romantic, and dreamy vibe as the Pisces moon forms an alliance with floaty Neptune. You’ll feel like you’re walking on air throughout the day, marking the perfect occasion for a date with that special someone. If you’re not in the mood to pair up, use these vibes to float away and fantasize about what the future holds.

Cancer Weekly Love Horoscope

Speaking your truth is sexy, dear Crab, especially if you can do so artistically. Nurturing your expressive side will make you more appealing to others this week while building up your sense of self and confidence. No, you don’t have to become the next Picasso. With three celestial bodies camped out in the sector of your chart that rules creativity, you’ll be pulled toward inspiring people, activities, and projects. These vibes will feel especially prominent on the tenth when the Aquarius moon shares a conjunction with Saturn while squaring Mercury and Mars. Internal conflict could arise due to the harsh nature of these aspects, but if you’re able to push through and believe in yourself, you should come out on top.

Your aura will be particularly magnetic and appealing on the twelfth when the Scorpio sun shares a helpful connection to dreamy Neptune. This cosmic climate is perfect for flirting or spending time with your crush, as you’re sure to leave an impression on anyone you encounter. You’ll feel tapped into both yourself and the universe, giving you a serene quality that others will be drawn to. Just be careful that you’re not surrounding yourself with bad influences or toxic people, as you’ll be especially sensitive to the energy of others.

Leo Weekly Love Horoscope

You’ll feel wild, free, and creative on the seventh, giving you the opportunity to have fun with your friends and embrace adventure until later on in the evening, when the moon changes signs from celebratory Sagittarius into sensible Capricorn. You’ll be asked to shift gears in order to handle your responsibilities, just in time for the workweek to begin. You won’t have much time for romance during the first half of the workweek, and by mid-week, you’ll be overdue for rest and a quiet evening at home.

Luckily, the cosmos does have some fun in store for you on the eleventh when the Aquarius moon holds hand with benevolent Jupiter. Use these vibes to celebrate life and embrace optimism. People will be in the mood to say “yes” on this day, so if there’s someone specific you have your eye on, ask them out for coffee or cocktails.

The thirteenth will be especially healing for your heart, as an alliance between the Pisces moon and dreamy Neptune allows you to tap into your peace and empathy. If there are any emotional wounds that need mending, or forgiveness that needs granting, now would be the time to strive for such outcomes.

Virgo Weekly Love Horoscope

You expect people to stand by their word, dear Virgo, and this week the universe will ask you to take a closer look at how others are conversing with you. With the sun, Mercury, and Mars all camped out in Scorpio and activating the sector of your chart that rules communication, personal dialogue will have a heavy role to play in any budding romances you’ve got on the periphery.

You’ll want to pay extra attention to what your crush is saying on the tenth. If you find that they’re not able to make good on their promises, you should take it as a serious red flag. Just remember to use a pragmatic and logical approach while analyzing others right now. Your high standards often save you from bad situations, but knowing when to give others the benefit of the doubt won’t always seem so clear.

As the week comes to a close, more uncertainty is likely to manifest as hazy Neptune forms an alliance with the moon while sharing a sweet connection to the sun. It would be easy to get lost in romance right now, and it’s okay if you do. Just try not to fall for any fantasies that seem unrealistic, as an opposition between Mercury and Uranus implies that the words being spoken on this day are unlikely to unfold the ways they’re intended to.

Libra Weekly Love Horoscope

With your ruling planet, Venus, camped out in stoic Capricorn, you’ll be in the mood to stay in more over the next several weeks. These sentiments will become amplified on the seventh when the moon allies with sweet Venus while sharing an unbalanced aspect to the North Node. The universe will ask you to think about what you want for the future, which includes the type of romantic partner you do and do not want. The energy could get a little heavy while you sort out your feels, so it’ll be important that you’re extra gentle with yourself while still taking a realistic disposition toward your path moving forward. Finding your personal stability should come first, with romance taking its place as a secondary priority.

Though the vibe may feel a bit heavy at the beginning of the week, you can expect a much lighter energy to take over on the twelfth and thirteenth, as Luna makes her way through healing Pisces. This lunar placement will activate the sector of your chart that rules planning and daily routines, putting you in a unique position to organize your goals while communicating with the other side. Your hard work will have big payoffs during this time, but it’ll also be important to take some time out to meditate on your goals. And don’t forget to ask the universe for help and guidance!

Scorpio Weekly Love Horoscope

With Scorpio season in full swing, it’ll be easy for you to prioritize your needs over others right now, and you should! Yes, love is all about balance within giving and taking, but with it being your zodiac season, it’s okay to get a little self-oriented. Getting out of the house will be important midweek when Mercury and Mars align to light a fire in your belly. Unfortunately, a harsh square to the moon and Saturn could put a damper on this cosmic charge, especially if you opt to lay around at home instead of chasing your dreams or new adventures.

Try to make plans with friends on the twelfth, when the Scorpio sun shares a dreamy connection to enigmatic Neptune. This cosmic climate will activate the sector of your chart that rules friendships and leisure, which means you’ll have an especially potent effect on the people you encounter. Should you find yourself at a party, you’ll easily fall into the role of “dark, mysterious, alluring stranger,” which is perfect for attracting a new partner. A sexy romance will linger in the air, which means people will be looking to connect. While these new encounters will be cloaked in fantasy, there’s major potential that something real can come from any romantic happenings that occur on this day.

Sagittarius Weekly Love Horoscope

The seventh will be an important day for you, dear Archer, as the Capricorn moon forms an alliance with sweet Venus. Under this cosmic climate, themes around what makes you feel secure or insecure in a relationship should be addressed. If you have a history of jealousy or are often suspicious of your partners, it would be worth it to further analyze these patterns. Historically speaking, have you been right when you suspected your exes of infidelity or were you making accusations based on fear? Think about what your future partners can bring to the table to make you feel romantically safe, and then consider how you can healthily communicate these ideals moving forward.

The eleventh will be an auspicious day for you as the Aquarius moon cozies up to your ruling planet, Jupiter. You will feel a swell of emotions during this time but will have the tools to express yourself eloquently and diplomatically. Use this day to let others know how you’re feeling, especially if there’s someone you’ve had your eye on lately. This energy will also amplify your presence. So, if there’s a social media crush you’ve been wanting to impress, you can do so with a super cute post — bonus points if there’s an intellectual element involved.

Capricorn Weekly Love Horoscope

With Venus camped out under your sign, matters of the heart should be a priority over the next few weeks. If there’s someone special you’re hoping to connect with on a deeper level, try to schedule some time together on the ninth when the Capricorn moon cozies up to profound Pluto. The energy on this day will get a bit tricky, as Mercury and Mars are met with resistance in the form of boundary-loving Saturn. If you’re really hoping to pull your crush out of their shell, the trick will be to do so in a subtle manner. Avoid putting pressure on anyone to bare their soul to you and instead arrange for a casual meeting in public. The idea is to create a comfortable setting, so the person you want to bond with feels safe talking to you.

The twelfth through the thirteenth will bring a soft energy to the table, and people will be in the mood to escape their day-to-day. You should use this time to get in some serious self-care since these vibes can seriously dissolve stress. Don’t totally step away from communication. These vibes will bring a poetic element to your verbiage, which is sure to capture the whimsy of anyone you choose to flirt with.

Aquarius Weekly Love Horoscope

You’ll be in an introspective mood on the seventh and the eighth, as the Capricorn moon activates the sector of your chart that rules the subconscious. Pain from the past or romantic paranoia may find its way to you, but ultimately, you should be able to soothe yourself out of any funky vibes that descend upon your psyche.

You’ll feel a shift on the ninth when the moon enters your sign, heightening your intuition and your emotions. The tenth will be especially challenging, as the Aquarius moon forms an alliance with restrictive Saturn while facing off with Mercury and Mars. Your mind and motivation will be working together, but feelings of self-doubt or uncertainty around how to manifest your dreams could hold you back if you’re not careful. Don’t put any pressure on yourself to actualize any goals on this day, and instead, use this energy to brainstorm and write out small steps that you can take in the direction you want to head.

It’ll be important that you have your personal affairs in order before the twelfth, which will act as a dreamy day that’s perfect for romance. The more secure you feel within yourself, the more likely you are to have good romantic experiences, so be sure to give yourself a big pep talk before heading out to any social engagements.

Pisces Weekly Love Horoscope

Scorpio season is a sacred time for you, dear Pisces, as the sun shines brightly in the sector of your chart that rules spirituality. This celestial placement is perfect for communicating with the universe, especially when it comes to attracting healthy relationships. Just remember that inner peace and self-improvement are key factors when it comes to bringing in evolved love.

While much of the workweek will have you tending to social and business matters, there will be room for romance as the weekend grows near. On the eleventh, the Aquarius moon forms an alliance with one of your ruling planets, Jupiter, bringing optimism and luck your way. Your aura will have an indescribable sparkle to it, shooting your charisma through the roof. If there’s someone you’ve got your eye on, now would be the time to get some flirting in.

The thirteenth is also sure to bring good vibes your way as the moon makes her way through Pisces. During Luna’s journey on this day, she’ll form an alliance with your modern ruling planet, Neptune, while exchanging helpful energy with the sun. These vibes will elevate your popularity, so you just may hear from someone who has a bit of a crush on you.