Weekly Love Horoscope Overview – September 13 – 19

Weekly Love Horoscope Overview – September 13 – 19

Aries Weekly Love Horoscope

Prepare to begin an exhilarating new trend in your love life and partnerships, Aries! Your planetary ruler, Mars, will turn a corner to ignite your seventh house as you see a major renewed focus on relationships. This officially begins on September 14 and will last until October 30.

You are always especially affected by wherever your ruler goes, so as it blazes a trail in your seventh house, you will be able to make long-term plans with your significant other. Now is the time to work as a team rather than flying solo. If single, you can share in these passionate vibes, as well, as your impetus to find your special one-and-only will lead you to meet bold and interesting new types of people. Don’t be afraid to date around and be upfront that you’re looking for commitment!

As for astrological aspects, the week could be a bit heavy-handed with priorities at work. On September 14, the sun will oppose Neptune, confusing your daily routine and responsibilities. September 16 will bring the sun into a trine with Pluto, bringing you success and victory. However, as Venus swims through your intimate eighth house on September 17, she will clash with stern Saturn in your eleventh house. Someone you desire could end up not being a match with your long-term goals.

Taurus Weekly Love Horoscope

Harness the energy of fiery Mars in your fifth house at the very top of the week, Taurus. It will remain in this exhilarating and adventurous sector of romance until September 14. Mars transits take place roughly once every two years and are one of the most important times to strike out and find new love or rekindle the spark with your significant other.

However, the week ahead will still shine with other romantic potential, as the sun continues to orbit within your passionate fifth house.

On September 14, the sun in your fifth house will oppose Neptune in your eleventh house, causing you to wonder if your love life is built on delusions and if you’re headed in the right place ultimately. You could also feel like a friend who is jealous of your relationship has it out to sabotage your rapport.

Later on, the sun in your fifth house links in a trine with Pluto on September 16, though, showing that you have the eye and precision to uncover the truth. Your ruler, Venus, in your seventh house clashes in a square with stern Saturn on September 17—showing that you may need to choose between some sweet time with your partner or handling your mounting professional responsibilities.

Gemini Weekly Love Horoscope

Light off the fireworks and pound the drum, Gemini! A milestone week in your 2021 love storybook has arrived! Exuberant Mars will dash into your fifth house beginning September 14, causing your heart to burst and bloom. This is an especially auspicious transit that will last until October 30 as the planet of passion ignites your sector of fun, dating, and fertility.

This is one of the best times within a two-year cycle for single Geminis to circulate and meet someone new, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to shake it up! This energy can be harnessed by coupled Geminis, too, as you can use this power to relight your spark, add more spontaneity to your schedule, and rock the bed boat! If you’d like to pursue pregnancy, the stars are in your favor!

When it comes to other planetary aspects this week, you’ll be feeling dominated by your daily routine, family life, work responsibilities, and career goals. It’s an ideal week to factor in how you make romance a priority—because if you do not, the days will speed on past you. Create a schedule that allows your heart to sing and you will be better off for it.

Cancer Weekly Love Horoscope

You are beginning an important chapter in your 2021 romantic journal, Cancer. From now until February, you will have at least one planet orbiting in a place in your chart promoting courtship, passion, commitment, or intimacy. What a spectacular gift from the universe!

Venus, dancing within her favorite flower dress, will spin amidst your passionate fifth house of romance, recreation, and fun. This is an especially auspicious period to attract new dating options to you like a magnet! If single, the stars are pointing in your direction, ensuring that at least one prospective suitor could capture your eye—or even your heart! Use this energy to update your look and hairstyle, as well as put yourself out there. Half of finding a partner is being upfront that you’re looking, so let the universe do the rest!

Committed Cancers can still bathe amongst the tide pools of magic by utilizing this week to set aside extra time for sensuality and pleasure with their one-and-only! As Venus is also the planet of fertility, trying for a new child could also work wonders.

Most of the planetary aspects this week favor watching what you’re saying and communicating. This is especially true on September 14 and then on the sixteenth, as you could have a profoundly powerful effect on your partner. A request to your lover could also be denied, especially around intimacy or money, on September 17.

Leo Weekly Love Horoscope

The call to adventure will ring within your soul this week, Leo! As our red planet, Mars, gets a new memo that it’s time to soar into your third house beginning on September 14, you and your partner may decide it’s time to book a quick trip or hit the road! This transit lasts until October 30, so there’s plenty of time to explore nearby cities, towns, or attractions. Consider even being a tourist in your own city, which will easily fan the flames of your love.

The growing trend around enjoying time at home could also call to some Leos, who are ready to nestle up on the couch and binge the newest digital series with their partner, as well. This is due to Venus’s recent call within your domestic fourth house. For those who aren’t able to travel, you could plan a candlelight dinner or order in—with each other as dessert!

This week’s planetary aspects will highlight confusion around money and a new project moving forward at work—with September 14 and the sixteenth highlighted. However, it would be wise to lie low and not rock the boat on September 17, as Venus in your fourth house will square Saturn in your seventh house. You and a partner will not be seeing eye-to-eye about home or family matters.

Virgo Weekly Love Horoscope

Savor this week as much as you can, Virgo! With the planets beginning to migrate from your zodiac sign into Libra, you must use the extra energy now. For weeks now, you’ve enjoyed the high-powered force of our red planet, Mars, orbiting within your sign. This has given you unmatched charisma, sex appeal, and energy to take charge of your relationships. Unfortunately, Mars has other assignments and will soon leave you on September 14—so use his strength to steer your love life in the direction that you’d like in the first two days of the week.

Happily, the sun continues his trek through your gardens all week, continuing to bring you unequaled radiance. Your birthday season is always an important time to reflect on your path in the year to come and how you’d like your relationships to fare. If single, don’t miss this extra sparkle to put your heart out there and line up prospective suitors!

Two days to watch this week, though, will be September 14 and 16. On the first, the sun in your first house opposes murky Neptune in your seventh, confusing your relationships. The sixteenth, though, links the sun in your sign with powerhouse Pluto in your fifth—guaranteeing you could have a transformative revelation around your desires and passions.

Libra Weekly Love Horoscope

It’s time to celebrate, Libra! After many weeks with a groggy red planet in your twelfth house, Mars has come to the rescue. On September 14, mighty Mars enters your zodiac sign to stay until October 30. This ensures that you will have more energy and dominance to steer your relationships in the direction that you’d like. Whether single or attached, it’s time to step into your power and demand your worth. It has been nearly two years since you’ve harbored the red planet’s glow, so you’ll welcome his resurgence of strength.

Not only will your energy levels increase, but you’ll likely feel your sex drive, charisma, and magnetism soar, too! Single Libras must take the lead to put themselves out there and show the universe that you’re looking for love. Committed Libras should exercise this fire by seizing the day with their partner for adventure or at the very least, rekindling their chemistry in the sheets.

While the early planetary aspects of the week highlight that you’re juggling home, family, and career matters—particularly on September 14 and 16—there could be a sharp disconnect between you and a lover on September 17. With Venus in your financial second house in a square to Saturn in your fifth, it is clear there’s something off when it comes to gifts, spending, and money. Communicate rather than throwing a fit!

Scorpio Weekly Love Horoscope

As your planetary co-ruler, Mars, has made tracks within the sky, you’ve seen a big focus in recent weeks on circulating amongst many friends, Scorpio. With the sun blazing a trail through your eleventh house, as well, this week could surely bring a burst of fun, celebration, or networking.

Committed Scorpios will have an excellent chance to step out on the town with their significant other and show the world why they’re a power couple, while single ones can use this fiery energy to put themselves out there. Join communities with people who have like-minded interests or even try your hand at online dating! For the greatest results, use the first two days of the week!

As for planetary aspects this week, you’ll have a mixed assortment to tickle your fancy. On September 14, the sun in your eleventh house will oppose Neptune in your fifth, ensuring that your romantic partner and friends are not seeing eye-to-eye. Another way this could manifest is that you start to wonder whether or not your ultimate goals are in alignment with and supporting how you pursue love.

September 16 could bring a revelation from a friend. However, watch yourself on September 17 when Venus in your zodiac sign clashes with Saturn in your fourth house. You will likely feel alienated, rejected, and isolated.

Sagittarius Weekly Love Horoscope

The universe is set on bringing you a whole whirlwind of excitement this week, Sagittarius. While this week will surely draw your attention to your professional life and ambitions, a new trend is about to begin. As fiery Mars charges onward into your social eleventh house beginning September 14, you are assured to hear from many friends and acquaintances who are eager to show you just how popular you are! In the coming weeks—particularly until October 30—your schedule will become packed with celebrations, invitations, and gatherings.

Committed Sagittarians should use this energy to step out onto the town with their significant other and show each other off for the world to stand in awe. Get dressed up and watch as all eyes are on the two of you! Single Sagittarians can utilize this glow, too, in order to meet someone new through their network or even turn a friendship into a relationship! Online dating will also fare especially well, likely better than it has in nearly two years!

While most of this week’s planetary aspects highlight your finances and employment—watch out for September 14 and 16—you could be feeling especially anxious about your love life on September 17. With Venus touring your twelfth house, something you may have hidden could come out into public knowledge. Don’t rock the boat and do your best to damage control.

Capricorn Weekly Love Horoscope

This week’s astrology will favor Capricorns who are ready to step out of the box and spice up their love life with someone unique or by changing their routine with their partner! As the sun continues to orbit within your ninth house, travel and exploration are also favored. Love could blossom by immersing yourself in deep conversations that stimulate your mind, heart, and spirit. However, watch what you say on September 14, as the sun in your ninth house clashes in an opposition with murky Neptune in your third. Don’t say anything that you’ll end up regretting—your partner will not be so amused!

On September 16, you’ll likely have a profound revelation regarding your love life and philosophies, though, as the sun in your ninth house links to Pluto in your zodiac sign. You could come to a realization that transforms your inner and outer world.

On September 17, sweet Venus in your eleventh house squares stern Saturn, your planetary ruler, in your second house. If you’ve lent money to a friend, you likely won’t get it back, and the frustration could surely rock both your love life and friendship. Keep your wits about you and stay solid and true to your practical financial self so you don’t get taken advantage of.

Aquarius Weekly Love Horoscope

Your sensual desires will continue to flare this week, Aquarius. As Mars fires up your sexual and intimate eighth house until September 14, you’ll be ready to snuggle up close and pursue your urge to merge. Committed Aquarians will be able to exercise this energy more easily.

Singles, though, could find themselves very pent up and frustrated because their true emotional and inner needs are not being met! As the sun continues to orbit in this arena for the rest of the week, use his light to illuminate where you stand in your love life and create a list of your non-negotiables.

Happily, once Mars takes on a new assignment and moves into your ninth house beginning on September 14, he will easily blend his fiery energy with a fellow air sign. Whenever he visits a zodiac sign of your same element, you also share this energy so well.

You will feel empowered and ready to tackle whatever you set your mind to! As he tours this part of the sky, he is trine to your sun and will encourage you to explore more adventure in your romance. If you can travel with a partner, you’ll both find the experience especially rewarding!

Pisces Weekly Love Horoscope

A very important week in your 2021 love story arrives, Pisces. For many weeks, you have experienced the fiery power of our red planet, Mars, standing across the sky from you. This has increased your desire to find a partner or work with one who sees eye-to-eye regarding your plans for the future and vision. Single Pisceans have sought to date even more readily with a careful watch on whether this new suitor could hold long-term potential.

If you’ve been casually dating for a while, you’ve likely decided it’s time to take the plunge and discuss commitment. For attached couples, the energy of Mars has given you the courage to assess the strength of your rapport and bring attention to where you are headed as a team.

Mars continues to peer at you from your seventh house until September 14 before he dives into your sexual and intimate eighth house. From now until October 30, you will feel your sensual desires ignite, as your hunger to merge closer with someone more deeply than ever before! This bodes especially well for committed Pisceans ready to get experimental and passionate with their one-and-only!

As for astrological aspects this week, beware of September 14, which could cast a smokescreen between you and a partner. September 16 could bring a revelation about your partner from a friend. Last, beware September 17 as sweet Venus squares Saturn, likely making you feel disappointed or alone.