Weekly Love Horoscope Overview – September 20 – 26

Weekly Love Horoscope Overview – September 20 – 26

Aries Weekly Love Horoscope

At the onset of the week, a dreamy and passionate full moon in Pisces ignites the night on September 20. This lunation falls in your twelfth house, Aries, encouraging you to look within and recognize how you’ve approached romance in the year past. As this can bring matters of the past back for closure, you may be required to let go or heal something that has happened.

Also on September 20, Mercury in your seventh house links in a trine with Jupiter in your eleventh, bringing happy news around friends, partnerships, and commitment.

On September 22, the mighty sun will enter into your seventh house, bringing light to all matters of relationships in the month to come. You will work to grow closer with the person at your side, assess where the two of you stand, or else move in a new direction.

Mercury in your seventh house also squares Pluto on September 22, bringing forth power struggles around your ideas and commitments.

Then, on September 23, Venus in your intimate eighth house clashes in an opposition with chaotic Uranus in your second house. This could bring unfortunate news or drama around finances, assets, or even how you’re approaching your sensual desires.

To end the week, mighty Mars in your seventh house will come to the rescue, though, as he trines Saturn. This energy can propel you to make long-term plans with your partner as a team.

Taurus Weekly Love Horoscope

One of the most magnificent full moons of the year arrives for you on September 20, Taurus. This lunation falls in Pisces, singing within your eleventh house. This energy could cause you to attend a romantic or dreamy event where you circulate amongst many friends. Singles should circulate to find someone who ignites their passions and shares similar interests. Couples can hit the town, dressed to impress.

The mighty sun will leave your fifth house on September 22, so use the remaining light to bring more passion to your heart.

While much of the week will bring a great deal of attention to your employment and career, expect high hopes and good news as you balance work and business on both September 20 and 25. Beware of power struggles on September 22, however.

A date of supreme importance to watch will be September 23, when Venus in your seventh house clashes in an opposition to Uranus in your zodiac sign. Shocking news and chaos will surround your love life and relationships. It is quite likely you’re feeling fired up and ready for freedom, but do your best not to offend your partner. They could end up hurt in the end.

If you are single, you could have a chance of meeting someone who is unique and eccentric!

Gemini Weekly Love Horoscope

While the full moon in your tenth house will echo over the entire week—reaching culmination on September 20—the week ahead will be brimming with other exciting news for you, Gemini.

That same day, your planetary ruler, Mercury, harbored in your fifth house, links in a trine to Jupiter. This will fill your heart and your mind with dazzling good news. Set up a memorable date now or send a heartfelt message.

Most importantly, the sun will enter your fifth house of romance, recreation, fertility, and passion beginning September 22. Love season has just begun and will dominate your attention in the month ahead. With the sun’s light here, you will have an opportunity to review all areas of your love life and how satiated you are. Single Geminis have a glorious opportunity to circulate and meet many new options!

However, September 22 could be harsh, as Mercury in your fifth house becomes under siege by Pluto in your eighth house. You or your partner may be feeling power struggles about how you each require intimacy.

Cancer Weekly Love Horoscope

With the arrival of a full moon in Pisces on September 20, you will be feeling the call of passion and adventure, Cancer. As this lunation falls in a fellow water sign, you’ll be feeling dreamy, supported, and eager to step out of your comfort zone.

While this week could bring some intense and exciting news around your home or family, you may be deciding it is time to move in with your partner or change up your living space together. If you’ve been hoping for a loan to buy property for the two of you, September 20 and 25 look lovely! On the first date, Mercury in your fourth house links to Jupiter in your eighth; on the latter, Mars in your fourth house trines Saturn in your eighth house. It could be all systems go!

However, beware of power struggles with your partner around domestic affairs on September 22.

An important date to watch will be September 23 as Venus in your romantic fifth house stands opposite Uranus. Shocking news regarding your lover, a friend, or a child could emerge—or they may feel that they’re unhappy and need a greater sense of freedom. Listen before you react.

Leo Weekly Love Horoscope

Embrace the urge to merge this week, Leo. A full moon in your intimate eighth house will echo out for the days surrounding September 20. This will draw specific attention to how you unite with your partner and if things are on the same page. If not, you could speak up to address the imbalance. Your sexual hunger will also likely ignite! For Leos dealing with a separation or divorce, the settlement may now be reached or come in now.

On September 20, mental Mercury in your third house links to Jupiter in your seventh, making it a five-star day for commitments and making plans with your partner. Singles should set up a meeting with someone as you bounce around town, feeling high as a kite.

However, tread lightly on September 22 and 23, as power struggles, drama, and frustration could come from every angle.

Happily, the week ends on a rather passionate note, with mighty Mars linking to Saturn in your seventh house. This is a time when your sex drive will sizzle as well as your eagerness to work as a team and build together for the future. Singles should set up an active date with someone who appears to hold long-term potential.

Virgo Weekly Love Horoscope

One of the most important weeks of the year for your romantic life has arrived, Virgo. A full moon in your seventh house reaches culmination on September 20, but will echo out for days before and after. This will be a highly dreamy and passionate time, with the planets interacting in a heaven’s dance. However, don’t let your fantasies get the best of you. It’s crucial to keep your wits about relationships clear!

For some Virgos, this will be a time of culmination, perhaps by becoming official, moving in with their partner, getting engaged, or even being wed. Single Virgos could have a higher likelihood of meeting a soulmate or someone with long-term partnership potential.

However, for the Virgos who have felt tension bubbling beneath the waves, a break-up or announcement of divorce could also appear. Know that whatever happens, the universe wants to redirect you toward greater happiness even if initially it hurts.

The sun will maintain his glow within your zodiac sign until September 22, so show the world what makes you special and unique while you have the extra power.

As for astrological aspects, this week’s interplay will bring a great deal of attention to your finances and work—especially on September 20, 23, and 25. However, be careful of power struggles with your lover or children on September 25 as Mercury squares Pluto in your fifth house.

Libra Weekly Love Horoscope

While this week will surely bring a great deal of attention to your job and employment, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to bask in romance, too, Libra. The full moon in your sixth house arrives on September 20, but will resound over the entire week.

However, birthday season finally arrives once the sun turns a corner to ignite your zodiac sign beginning on September 22! In the month to come, it is especially important to assert yourself and take the lead in your love life and relationships. Examine how you’ve approached intimacy before and how you can improve its place within your pattern in the year to come.

On September 20, Mercury in your zodiac sign links in a trine with Jupiter in your fifth house. This is a five-star day for all romantic and fertility matters! Set up a charming date with someone new or surprise your partner with a gift.

Tread carefully on September 22 and 23, though, as several planets trade blows and are stirring the pot for power struggles and drama.

The week ends on a charming note with Mars in your zodiac sign also linking in a trine to Saturn in your fifth house. Your passions, sex drive, and hunger for fun will be a top priority!

Scorpio Weekly Love Horoscope

One of the most important weeks for your love life has arrived, Scorpio. Prepare to open your heart! This week’s full moon shimmers from within your fifth house, stimulating your romantic spirit. This lunation could help single Scorpios to meet a soulmate or fall in love, while committed couples may be able to rekindle their spark or even hear news of a pregnancy!

However, the key to working with this lunation is to follow your passionate side but not give into fantasies or delusions. If you do, you could end up heartbroken or disappointed in the end. The energy of this full moon shall sing hymns over the entire week.

The mighty sun will remain in your social eleventh house until September 22 before he decides it is time to begin a journey into the nether realms of your subconscious twelfth. In the month ahead, you’ll likely take a more introspective approach to life.

However, the most important day to watch will be September 23, as Venus in your zodiac sign receives a thunderbolt from shocking Uranus in your seventh house. This will likely bring jarring news or chaos around your love life. Your partner will likely demand freedom or a change of pace that ultimately leaves your heart feeling a little wounded.

Sagittarius Weekly Love Horoscope

At the onset of the week, a full moon in your domestic fourth house arrives, Sagittarius. This will certainly turn your attention to your home and family as it echoes out over the entire week ahead. For some Sagittarians, they may be deciding to move in with a partner or even buy a house together for them to enjoy. Families could end up deciding it’s time to relocate.

Exhilarating news will arrive now that the mighty sun turns a corner to ignite your eleventh house beginning on September 22. In the month ahead, you’ll have even more energy to socialize and connect with friends and acquaintances. Coupled-up Sagittarians must get out on the town with their partner. Single Sagittarius natives will have a high likelihood of success at meeting someone new through their network, or even trying their hand at online dating.

On September 20, Mercury in your eleventh house trines Jupiter, filling your life with celebration. However, beware of September 22, when our cosmic messenger becomes under siege from Pluto, creating power struggles amongst friends.

Also, watch out for September 23, as Venus in your twelfth unleashes a cry for help as she opposes Uranus. Shocking and unexpected secrets or news could emerge. However, embrace September 25 with passion, as Mars in your eleventh house trines Saturn, making it a five-star day to have fun with your lover and friends.

Capricorn Weekly Love Horoscope

A dreamy and passionate full moon arrives on September 20, Capricorn. This will spotlight your third house, likely stimulating you to speak from the heart regarding your ideas. However, don’t boast or fantasize, as the somewhat heightened energy of this full moon could end up having people—or your partner—disappointed in you.

Also, this week begins a significant trend that focuses upon your professional advancement and achievements, as the sun turns a corner to put your name in lights beginning September 22. With him upholding residence in your tenth house for the month to come, you may realize that your career is causing your love life to take a back seat.

Beware of power struggles and confrontations when you are drawn directly into question when Mercury and Pluto reach a square on September 22. Also, shocking news will likely come out regarding your romantic partner or a dear friend on September 23. Venus in your eleventh house crashes violently against Uranus in your fifth house. Do your best to breathe through the drama. You may also suddenly realize that your lover is not in alignment with your ultimate aspirations, which could take you in a newfound direction. Be true to your heart.

Aquarius Weekly Love Horoscope

As you march into yet another week, the energy of the full moon on September 20 will echo out through the days and sing within the nights. As this lunation spotlights your financial second house, you may now be focusing on monetary affairs. Take some time with your partner to assess your budget and assets, as well, with the sun remaining in your eighth house until September 22.

The fiery sun will join Mars in your ninth house beginning September 22. This ensures that much adventure and change are set to arrive in the month ahead. Now is a time to shift your routine, travel, or explore new ideas with your partner. Single Aquarians may have more luck in dating if they try meeting someone who is outside of their normal type.

Two days will be very special for you this week: September 20 and 25. On the first date, Mercury will link to Jupiter in your zodiac sign, filling your mind with optimism and raining exciting news down upon you like showers of gold. On the latter date, mighty Mars will link to Saturn in your zodiac sign, stimulating your passion and courage to create a long-term vision for your relationships. Set goals as a team or plan an exhilarating date with someone new.

Pisces Weekly Love Horoscope

One of the most important weeks of the year has arrived for you, Pisces. Buckle up—it’s a full moon in your zodiac sign! As the lunation reaches a crescendo on September 20, you’ll be stepping into your power and showing the world who and what you are. The energy will certainly trickle in days before as you feel the turning point arrive and will echo out over the entire week ahead.

Committed Pisceans will see a greater focus on what they want and deserve and likely articulate that to their partner. Happy relationships will feel a stronger sense of union, whereas connections on rocky ground could be cast beneath a smokescreen of confusion, uncertain of where to proceed next.

Single Pisceans should circulate and put themselves out there, as they could attract the eyes of powerful or sexy suitors.

Once the sun leaves your sector of partnership, he will enter your intimate eighth house on September 22 to remain for the month ahead. You will take a deeper dive into your sensual desires and debate whether or not all of your needs are being met.

Pay special attention to September 20 and 25, as good news and support that you’re requiring from a lover may now be met.