Weekly Love Horoscope Overview September 21 – 27

Weekly Love Horoscope Overview September 21 – 27

Aries Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF SEP 21, 2020: This week starts off slowly—not your favorite speed—but just hang in there until sometime Tuesday afternoon, when your love life can jet ahead. Put the pedal to the metal through the middle of the week by flirting all you like. Online or in real time, you’re an extra smooth talker now (and extra funny, which equals extra sexy). Save the traditional big date nights, Friday and Saturday, for more low-gear activities (bonding with friends or family looks good). Set a rendezvous for Sunday, though. You’re revved up for romance.

Taurus Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF SEP 21, 2020: The stars are sending you some solid ground for romantic matters this week, so expect firm footing for moving ahead. Monday and Tuesday are fairly fabulous. You’re feeling more than fine and well prepared for love, sweet love. Make an online hookup. Around Wednesday, you don’t really feel like making up your mind, but you’re communicating so well they’ll be happy to wait around. Friday and Saturday are super. If you’re single, a new dating app could be a treasure trove of possibilities, while couples can get reaquainted.

Gemini Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF SEP 21, 2020: Feel like a change of pace? (When don’t you?) This week’s got plenty to keep you on your toes, romantically speaking. Monday holds a puzzle, one you’ve got to ask the right questions to solve. Tuesday through Thursday, your always prodigious flirting skills are off the charts. Choose your targets carefully. They’ll fall for you. The early part of the weekend could find you cranky if things aren’t going exactly your way, but if you try to be adaptable, you’ll find yourself having some romantic fun anyway. Sunday’s all positive. Spend it with someone as wonderful as you are.

Cancer Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF SEP 21, 2020: You’re all charm as the week gets off to a sweet start. Come up with an original romantic idea (no problem for you) and love’s a piece of cake. A taste of something more exotic, odd, or out there sounds good midweek, but while you’re dipping in, be aware that what you say (or even a gesture) could be misunderstood. Be clear in order to avoid issues. On Friday and Saturday, romance is a feast, and you’re the main dish. Find someone yummy to share it with, whether a longtime sweetie or some hot new thing. And Sunday’s a perfect time to follow an instinct somewhere delicious.

Leo Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF SEP 21, 2020: Warning: The start of the week may contain a romantic challenge. Rise to meet it by laying low. A wait-and-see approach works best. A friend wants to have their say about your love life between Tuesday and Thursday. Take time for a little chat. Their perspective will likely make a ton of sense. You’re warm and cuddly on Friday and Saturday, and you might even want a little coddling. Set up some you-appreciation time with a partner or friends. Sunday’s the most romantic day all week, and there’s more to come. Plan accordingly!

Virgo Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF SEP 21, 2020: A philosophical approach to romance is highly fruitful as the week begins. Look at things in context rather than in isolation. By Tuesday (and through the middle of the week), your logical side is in control, but remember when you’re voicing your thoughts that the listener may be more emotional. Gentle, now! Friday and Saturday look super, with the possibility of a sweet stolen moment with a certain someone. Keep your plans for Sunday loose. There’s lots happening, and something spectacular could suddenly come up.

Libra Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF SEP 21, 2020: Keep things light at the beginning of the week. You’re especially lovely now, and harmony reigns. If you’ve got something deeper on your romantic agenda, find the right time to communicate it on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. The stars are very much on your side. Much of the weekend could have some interesting ups and downs. Remember that one always follows the other! By Sunday, matters of the heart stabilize very nicely. Plan something active with someone wonderful. You’ll be feeling fabulous.

Scorpio Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF SEP 21, 2020: Prepare for a week full of romantic intrigue and intensity, which, knowing you, you’ll totally love. Meet a challenge to the state of your heart with boldness right off the bat on Monday or Tuesday. Some heat’s likely to be generated! Midweek, however, you’ll want to rein it in and assess the situation further before reacting. No big romantic risk taking now. Friday and Saturday are all yours. Figure out what (or who) you want, apply your fine-tuned instincts, and go after it. Watch for some surprising—and possibly hot—tension on Sunday. Will you break it?

Sagittarius Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF SEP 21, 2020: Communication of the romantic variety goes through many phases this week, but the stars are here to help. Monday and Tuesday aren’t the time to raise any big issues in relationships. However, sweet little lines of communication are wide open. Singletons can flirt like crazy now. Midweek, there’s plenty of talk but perhaps not too much action. Cut to the chase and say what you want. Friday and Saturday are more about asking questions (and listening to the answers) than issuing statements. And Sunday kicks off a couple days when you can make yourself understood without saying a word.

Capricorn Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF SEP 21, 2020: Monday and Tuesday are the best days for romance this week, so don’t delay. Let ’em know how much you’re liking them. Why not? You can save your caution for midweek, when you’ll want to carefully peel off the outer layers of a situation to see what’s really beneath. Luckily, your ability to communicate extra well now will help you out. You could be torn between socializing or nesting on Friday and Saturday—or torn between socializing with friends or with one particular person. Mix it up for best results. Get real on Sunday and someone else will follow suit.

Aquarius Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF SEP 21, 2020: Love is radical, unpredictable, and never, ever boring this week—just like you. If you’re bored at the beginning of the week, changes are just around the corner. And from Tuesday through Thursday, they’ll be changes of the sizzling-hot variety. Your unique style of communication turns up the heat even more now. Be careful that some overboard emotions don’t drag down a romantic situation that’s otherwise going swimmingly on Friday or Saturday. Throw yourself a lifesaver in the form of some downtime. Sunday’s an excellent time to launch a new experiment for your heart.

Pisces Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF SEP 21, 2020: Monday and Tuesday are days when the gentle beauty of love is all around you. You’ve just got to use your special powers, namely communication and intuition, to tap into it. Midweek, everything’s changeable, and a romantic situation that seemed solid could be shifting. Stay busy and don’t commit to anything in particular. On Friday and Saturday, the chance for romance is back and even stronger than earlier in the week. Be sure you’re aware of what’s fantasy and what’s reality on Sunday. It could be difficult to tell.