Weekly Love Horoscope Overview September 7 – 13

Weekly Love Horoscope Overview September 7 – 13

Aries Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF SEP 7, 2020: You’ll feel like kind of a slug at the beginning of the week. No matter what you do, you’re not going to be able to work up any kind of momentum. At least not until Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday, when a random meeting with a total stranger — a totally attractive stranger — flips your entire world upside down. You’ll make it your goal to find out if they’re interested or not. And, to that end, you’ll spend Thursday and Friday in hot pursuit. You might achieve your goal by the weekend. At the very least you’ll have some sense of what they’re feeling.

Taurus Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF SEP 7, 2020: Your emotions have been somewhat at bay lately. That changes this week. Expect a high tide on Monday — and not the kind of tide that’s going to make you reach for your surfboard. Until Wednesday, everything around you is going to be murky and strange. Not bad, necessarily. Just sort of confusing. Your subconscious is on overdrive, but you will emerge from deep thought on Thursday with a renewed sense of philosophical purpose. Plus, someone you’ve been meaning to take a trip with for a while is finally going to let you know they’re ready. Over the weekend, hash out where you two will go.

Gemini Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF SEP 7, 2020: You are walking through a dark house with a blindfold on in the middle of the night. At least, that’s what the start of the week feels like in your love life. You simply can’t see where this is going. A couple days into the week, shrug off your insecurity and resolve to let this growing relationship take you, well, wherever it takes you. The only way to ever be truly delighted is to have few expectations. Don’t you want to be surprised? It may sound like radical thinking, but if you let go and trust yourself you’ll be amazed how good you feel.

Cancer Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF SEP 7, 2020: There’s a big question mark over your head on Monday — not because you’re confused, but because you’re full of questions. And you’re feeling a bit vulnerable about it. Although you may feel like acting up, be careful not to do anything hasty, and try to stick to that plan at least until the end of the day on Wednesday. You’ll be feeling less strange on Thursday and Friday, although you still may feel like kicking around the house more than kicking into social high-gear. Over the weekend, instead of dwelling on recent emotional history, put your brain to work in more creative ways.

Leo Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF SEP 7, 2020: It’s time to lift the rug up and see what’s been swept underneath it. Someone may be trying to keep something from you, simply out of silly embarrassment. Be understanding and generous, even if someone else’s slight pettiness really gets under your skin. You have more energy and good luck than anybody this week. On Thursday, make sure you don’t give anyone the opportunity to misinterpret you as arrogant: listen and be tactful and you won’t go wrong. This weekend, the perfect solution to a social problem is going to occur to you, and you’ll be thrilled to finally have a plan.

Virgo Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF SEP 7, 2020: If you want to really figure out what’s going on inside, you’re going to have to dig deep. There’s a chance it has something to do with a romantic interest, yes. And, oh yeah, on Tuesday or Wednesday you might want to take a risk in this person’s presence just to see where things go. It could very well be your lucky week. The truth is, romance and fun figure strongly on Thursday and Friday. Part of having fun is letting go of worry. Be outgoing this weekend and let someone else be your guide.

Libra Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF SEP 7, 2020: On Monday, you’re going to spend a good amount of time trying to figure out if you should take the generous approach or the stingy approach — and not necessarily just in a financial sense. In an emotional sense, too, you control how much you give out and how much you expect back. But who’s keeping track of the bank? Exactly. Focus on finding someone who walks the walk and isn’t afraid to talk about how they feel. If possible, spend the whole weekend with them. You get along so well. It’s possible the emotional connection could lead to something more.

Scorpio Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF SEP 7, 2020: You’re well dressed and smiling big. Your smile seems to be what makes the flowers grow. Not that you’re the actual center of the universe, but you kind of feel that way at the beginning of the week, at least among your friends. People are drawn to you. That’s not to say you aren’t deeply interested in and profoundly influenced by other people. Your determination and integrity have gotten you where you are. Don’t let anything get in the way of making sure you relate to others (even people with whom you have difficulties) with understanding and a sense of humor.

Sagittarius Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF SEP 7, 2020: Your dreams are weighing on your mind big time at the beginning of the week, and there’s a chance that your subconscious is trying to tell you something. Explore your feelings as much as you feel like but at some point — Wednesday? — you should resolve to not worry about it. You have tons of friends. And you’re happy. And the world is providing all kinds of fascinating things to look at. Seeing a play or some art on Friday will give you something to talk about at a party this weekend.

Capricorn Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF SEP 7, 2020: Take a look at the information and make a decision. Of course it’s not that easy, but you know how to be objective when you need to be. You have so much discipline these days, especially on Tuesday and Wednesday, that it will come as no surprise to anyone when all the flowers you planted earlier in the week burst into vibrant bloom on Thursday and Friday. Following your success, a couple people might approach you this weekend and express interest in being your new partner in crime. But the solo routine is working for you right now.

Aquarius Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF SEP 7, 2020: On Monday, you’re going to feel like closing the drapes and turning off the phone — not because you’re in a bad mood, just because you’re thinking about a lot of big things and you want some space. And you should have that space. Tuesday and Wednesday, you’ll be in a different place altogether — optimistic, connected, in touch with yourself and others. Don’t overexert yourself on Thursday and Friday and you’ll have tons of energy as you go into the weekend. This weekend you’ll meet someone fabulous. They’ll be struck by your brilliance, and they’ll tell you as much.

Pisces Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF SEP 7, 2020: If you’re unsure about this person, well, don’t give them the keys to your heart. Don’t even give them the keys to your car. Stay in self-protective mode at the beginning of the week, just to be on the safe side. On Wednesday, be extra careful when communicating with them (you don’t want to give the wrong idea) and on Thursday and Friday, try to distract yourself from the big questions in your love life by spending time with friends. Your friends need you, especially this weekend, and helping them out is a great way to learn something new.