What Will Bring Jupiter to Aquarius

What Will Bring Jupiter to Aquarius

Finally a little peace for you after a tremendous year in which you were forced to tighten your trouser belt, have had to face many expenses and you have certainly faced a complex period at the bureaucratic and legal level. Jupiter forms a planetary aspect of trine starting from November 2018 and therefore you can start again serene and happy with a better optimism that grows within you every day. Even if the sextile is not very powerful as a conjunction of Jupiter to your Sun, you do not have to be worried because the planet of fortune will certainly bring many favorable events especially at the working level and with Uranus asking for changes in your life, then you can obviously decide to distort some professional situations if they are no longer the way you want. This passage of Jupiter brings new contracts, new collaborations, new opportunities to get to know other people that can become important for your professional future and new opportunities to increase your profits.

In fact, if you have an independent job you could really see a substantial increase in the number of customers and therefore your earnings while if your work is dependent on a company, then you could change jobs, receive a small increase in salary or praise and gratifications for doing a good job. Love life can also be very positive especially for those who do not love someone, for people who do not have a person to love by their side and who want to finally fall in love again. The period of entry of Jupiter into the part of the sky that forms a trine with you, will be very interesting to meet a person who will make your heart beat faster. The sextile of Jupiter can greatly improve your mood, bring good news almost every day and open your mind that will give birth to good projects. Do not underestimate any bureaucratic problems and lawsuits that can be solved in your favor.


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