What Will Bring Jupiter to Cancer

What Will Bring Jupiter to Cancer

The favorable influence of Jupiter on your zodiac sign ends on November 8th 2018 but this event is not absolutely negative for you during the new year. Even when Jupiter goes to the fifth astrological sector, it can bring good chances and this time on a material, economic level because the fifth astrological house is connected to fun but also to money, to acquisitions of material goods and to winning the game. Unfortunately it must be said that his influence will be greatly reduced by Saturn in opposition and therefore, in the next few months, almost all of you will have to work hard to earn very little or to achieve economic successes that are certainly below your expectations and desires.

Jupiter, the planet of small and big fortune and positive opportunities in every sector of life, can only offer the right way to go without giving much help because starting from the month of November, you will absolutely have to fight, fight every day to get the most out of every situation. The work becomes much more complicated and the money to be managed in your pockets tends to decrease but you try to move on very calmly. One must say something very important to you. When Saturn is opposite and Jupiter does not form a good aspect compared to your sky, we must avoid making very important economic investments, very important because they could lead to big failures. Life must go on slowly and the eyes must remain very open, especially regarding your physical condition which will not be excellent and with a mind that will lose optimism. Love risks being very invasive, not very emotional and not very constructive and arguments and arguments can arise and create various problems. In short, Jupiter goes away and dissatisfaction arrives in your hearts and in your life.


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