What Will Bring Jupiter to Sagittarius

What Will Bring Jupiter to Sagittarius

This year comes after so many years really very difficult for you. Finally, after 12 years, the return of Jupiter will allow you to start new things in your life, to have more luck and to be mentally more serene and optimistic. Obviously the favorable influence of Jupiter will be at its peak especially during the second part of the new year 2019 but in the meantime the last two months of 2018 and then November and December, many of you will be able to think of a new life, new projects and feel in their deepest soul, the need to change everything or almost everything of their earthly existence. Work, love, family are sectors that require important changes and must be performed in this year and with the conjunction of Jupiter to the Sun of each of you. Start a new period, full of hard work, sacrifice, new creative energies that will allow you to realize many projects in the coming years and achieve good professional and economic successes.

If you do not like the work you are doing then the turning point must be made during this planetary transition and you should not be worried if you can not see anything on the horizon because the strength of Jupiter is precisely to offer the opportunities that must be collected at the flight. The desire to change everything in your life, the desire to marry, to live in a new home, to move to a new city, to improve the relationship between work colleagues but also the desire to close your romantic relationship if it does not go further on as you want and the great need to start a new love relationship. Lonely hearts can really meet their lives or make friends that will become love in the coming months or years. Economic investments are good for the foreseeable future and you do not have to be worried if money does not come into your pocket but it will only come out.


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