Discover Which Zodiac Sign You Were In A Past Life

Discover Which Zodiac Sign You Were In A Past Life

Aries Past Life:

If you are an Aries then your past life was most likely that of a Pisces.

You in the past life that you lived in, were once a spiritual, in depth, intellectual that did everything in their power to be of use to the ones you loved and the ones that deserved you the most. With this new beginning into being an Aries, you must now overcome challenges that would sway you be selfish towards others. You must also learn what it means to live an independent life so that you are free to explore new things that you have yet to discover.

Taurus Past Life:

As a newly formed Taurus in your current life, your past life was the makings of someone that was an Aries before you.

You were a fighter in your past life, your anger was an overwhelming aspect to your personality that required your constant attention so that you wouldn’t explode from hearing the smallest bit of bad news. Being a Taurus now gives you the chance to enjoy the simple things in life, let yourself be at ease with how comfortable you are at this moment in time, and do not let yourself become unchained towards the things you despise most.

Gemini Past Life:

If you were born a Gemini, then your previous life was most likely that of a Taurus.

In your previous existence, you were a person who cared more for the nature of the world, having a desire to have more sensible interactions with all living beings, and longing for something much more than what you already had. With this new life as a Gemini, you are now faced with mentally challenging obstacles, experiences that make you think critically about what is the best decision for your future. Do not sell yourself short when it comes to getting what you want.

Cancer Past Life:

If you were brought into this world as a Cancer, then in your previously life must have been a Gemini.

Before you became a Cancer, you were a person who couldn’t care less what happened to you, you were so carefree, and couldn’t be troubled with what consequences could bring you in the future from how naive you once were. Now you have focused yourself to greater and better things. As a Cancer, you understand the meaning of having a family as well as a place to call your own home.

Leo Past Life:

If you were born a Leo into the world, then your previous life must have been the same as a Cancer.

Previously, you might as well have been scared of your own shadow, because fear was the driving force behind all of your decision making during that period of time. With your new life as a Leo, your courage goes unmatched by any obstacle that comes your way. You have no troubles facing your fears now more than ever and you will do the same for others that you care for most.

Virgo Past Life:

Being born as a Virgo means that you were a Leo in your past life.

As the Leo you once were, you were very self-centered and unable to see past your own nose, since you lacked any means of being generous towards others. As a Virgo, you are able to see past this horrid side of yourself, giving back to others where it’s necessary and never losing focus of yourself to where it becomes an absolute problem that needs to be dealt with. You make so many others happy with who you are that they hardly ever even need to ask you for anything at all.

Libra Past Life:

if you were born a Libra, then your past life resonates with the soul of a Virgo.

As a previous Virgo, you were someone who would endlessly sacrifice themselves for the good of others, never truly looking at your own needs as an expense. Now that you are brought into the world as a Libra, you are able to balance everything within your life. You strive for the harmonization of everyone you know, making sure that everything is in order as to avoid any kind of conflict.

Scorpio Past Life:

Being born a Scorpio means that you must have been a Libra in your previous existence.

You were trying with all of your effort to find balance so that there would be peace among you and so many others. There were even times where you were too focused on yourself to give anyone else the time of day. As a Scorpio, you wish to strengthen your relationships with others, your fiery passion drives you to make connections, and you’re always looking for new opportunities to make new friends or meet new people.

Sagittarius Past Life:

Being a Sagittarius in this life means that you were most likely a Scorpio in your past.

The whole time that you were investing in new relationships in your previous life, you now have all the tools to bestow wisdom on others in your life as a wandering Sagittarius. All of the things that you’ve learned in your past life as a Scorpio have contributed to your life as a Sagittarius. You will find new and creative ways to get along with people all the while you let your free spirit roam the earth for eternity.

Capricorn Past Life:

Being born a Capricorn in this life means that you had all the makings of a Sagittarius in your previous life.

Of course, you had a lot of fun exploring every mystery that came your way, overcoming every single obstacle that was put before you, and seeing all that there was to be seen, you are now ready to take responsibility and make something of your career as a Capricorn. You have all the experience in the world to propel your forward in the right direction, you just have to follow your gut instincts. No longer wandering, you are someone who is devoted to getting the job done and you’re going to get it done right the first time.

Aquarius Past Life:

Since you were born as an Aquarius in this life, that must mean that you were a Capricorn in your past life.

You became exhausted from all of the hard work and effort that you put into being a Capricorn that you’ve essentially grown tired of all the ridiculous responsibilities that it entailed. As an Aquarius, you would love nothing more than just a little vacation away from everything and everyone but still want to go back from where you came from. You will find happiness in being a free spirit but you will also know when it is time for you to come home again.

Pisces Past Life:

If you were born as a Pisces in this life, then you were definitely an Aquarius in your past life.

You were very much a happy person who was able to live by their own rules and not ever really having to worry about what might happen next. Since you’ve seen all that there is to see, you now want to make more spiritual connections to the beings around you. There is something that has been lacking this entire time and it’s the piece of the soul you’ve been longing for since forever. You wish to heal all that has been wounded because you already know what that kind of suffering is like. Your journey begins now as a Pisces to mend the tortured souls that have been awaiting someone like you for years.


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