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Daily Horoscope Monday – Nov 18, 2019

Daily Horoscope Monday – Nov 18, 2019

Aries Daily Horoscope Monday – Nov 18, 2019
Your impulsive nature compels you to pull out all the stops if you wish to be first in line today. You do not see obstacles as insurmountable but treat them as challenges that are daring you to prevail, instead. It is when you forge ahead without holding back that you are most likely to achieve exactly what you set out to do now. But its okay if you miss your mark as long as you put up a spirited fight. It is the thrill of chasing victory that lights you up more than anything else.

Taurus Daily Horoscope Monday – Nov 18, 2019
Narrowed concentration focused like a laser beam makes some amazing things happen. Your performance and output can be topnotch when you specialize your skills. You might be attracted to a tiny corner of your field of talents as if pulled by a magnet. Associates may gather to marvel at your expertise today. Extra money earned and favorable attention from the influential could put even more icing on the cake. The best way to let the world know what you can do is by doing it. Actress Helen Hayes said, Always aim for achievement, and forget about success.

Gemini Daily Horoscope Monday – Nov 18, 2019
Big energy is generated when coworkers, teammates, or family members bounce ideas around today. No single person sees every angle but when multiple perspectives play one off the other, all possibilities can eventually be covered. The feedback you receive enables you to make useful modifications to an important plan. On a personal level, animated communication gets your mental juices flowing like a waterfall. You are happily in your wheelhouse when the conversation is lively and the rich insights fly. Your community is the strongest when every voice is heard.

Cancer Daily Horoscope Monday – Nov 18, 2019
Your creativity may be put to the test and having an extra pair of eyes in the back of your head can come in handy today. If there is a way to reuse resources already on hand to make a quick fix, you are determined to find it. Fortunately, you thrive when your ingenuity is a catalyst for success. The advantages of restoring instead of replacing could range from financial savings to trimming down your carbon footprint. Your satisfaction is sweet when you see positive results from your intervention. Your cleverness and compassion can create a better world.

Leo Daily Horoscope Monday – Nov 18, 2019
Your moods may be changing so quickly today that it takes extra time to get your bearings. Whether you are in a new environment or on familiar turf that somehow seems to be vaguely different than usual, give your senses an adequate chance to drink in your surroundings. However, you dont need to be limited by the obvious since your keen extrasensory perception is busily picking up vibes left and right now. Allow your impressions to gradually stabilize and watch your confidence flood in to replace your earlier uncertainty. Author Jon Kabat Zinn wrote, Wherever you go, there you are.

Virgo Daily Horoscope Monday – Nov 18, 2019
You may be called in voices loud and clear today to perform several duties simultaneously. Obligations to your job, your family, and your personal wellbeing each vie for the lions share of your attention. Your sincere hope is to devote nothing short of your best effort to each important task. Other people might believe its impossible to pull off such a complicated juggling act, but it strikes you as a simple matter of prioritization and organization. Keep in mind that although you are likely capable of heroic efforts, your sustainability is at stake. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, The first wealth is health.

Libra Daily Horoscope Monday – Nov 18, 2019
Confidence surges when you are buoyed by the knowledge that many others believe in the same high ideals as you. Your head might be turned by a charismatic leader and the strong resonance of their message today. However, the complexity and quarrelsome ways of the world can be daunting, confusing, and sometimes even overwhelming. But when it comes to performing good deeds, it is inspiring to think like a warrior and not a worrier. Nelson Mandela said, It always seems impossible until it is done.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Monday – Nov 18, 2019
The compulsion to ferret out a guarantee can cause you to look long and hard at anothers motivations today. Ultimately, what you are hoping to find is an impenetrable shield against hurt or disappointment. But deep down, both your heart and your ego know that neither can thrive without risk. The secret to success may not be to wear thicker armor, but to cultivate greater faith in yourself. Even when conditions are unsure, your intuition can tell the difference between sugar and salt.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Monday – Nov 18, 2019
Imagination thrives when you are free to mix and match ideas as you go along. If your creativity feels stifled now, it could be your thinking is too closely aligned with that of a corporation, organization, or social body to which you belong. But there are times when group think just doesn’t cut it. Your work in progress is a masterpiece in the making. Step out from under your safe umbrella and the sunshine of bright originality can melt even the iciest of creative blocks. Pablo Picasso said, Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Monday – Nov 18, 2019
Chasing your dreams requires a substantial amount of faith in your own abilities. If the force of your will can change a situation for the better, its transformation is nearly a given today. You are as dogged as usual in your pursuit of well-deserved recognition, but your efforts have extra oomph when you are willing to go for the long shot. Its a testament to the wisdom of your ways if your efforts pay off. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said, Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Monday – Nov 18, 2019
Expressing yourself within the warm circle of a congenial group is the most natural thing in the world today. Speak from your heart and respectfully listen when others do the same. When values are shared, individual confidence is reinforced and amplified by the energy of collective purpose. Knowing that what you do benefits not only yourself, but also your friends or loved ones doubles the satisfaction you can take in every success. Cooperation is the heartbeat of progress.

Pisces Daily Horoscope Monday – Nov 18, 2019
There are countless paths leading to the same destination. Its useful to study or observe the methods of others who are striving to reach a similar goal. Although there is much to be learned from someone elses successes now, you can also learn from their mistakes without passing judgment. It helps if you are prepared to dish about your own wins and losses with your allies as well. Even when each individual must travel their own road, all can take tips from one another. The journey is where you discover your true character.


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