Daily Horoscope Saturday – Aug 10, 2019


Aries Daily Horoscope Saturday – Aug 10, 2019
Your fate is created by your moment-to-moment actions. You may think the grass is greener in another pasture. Your restlessness might even tempt you to look far into the future. Nevertheless, stay where you are and put in the work instead of rushing to move on. Revisit the knowledge gained through life experiences and apply it out in the world. Synthesize your intellect with your intuitive wisdom to reveal the intentions of yourself and others. Visualize what you desire to renew your passion. Find the gift in all you encounter.

Taurus Daily Horoscope Saturday – Aug 10, 2019
Your challenge is to master power in all its manifestations now. Prepare for an influx of fresh psychological insight or a clear revelation of anything blocking your spiritual path. Explore the depths, but also raise your sights to the heights. Consciously choose to see things differently. Be willing to examine what is considered taboo; you will garner wisdom to assist in the healing of yourself and others. Recognize your ingrained patterns of behavior and acknowledge the value in both mistakes and successes. Intimacy is a vehicle for spiritual alchemy. Go where others fear to tread.

Gemini Daily Horoscope Saturday – Aug 10, 2019
Its your job to find wholeness within yourself. Although youre comfortable with duality, your natural ability to partner can lead to unnecessary adjustments and compromises when faced with other peoples needs. While connection is important, be cognizant of becoming lost in someone else or abandoning yourself to maintain the illusion of harmony. Attune to your higher self and prioritize operating according to your own aspirations. Approaching relationships from a place of equality brings inner fulfillment.

Cancer Daily Horoscope Saturday – Aug 10, 2019
Write your life scripts in accordance with your own truth. To be of true service, do whatever is needed without allowing yourself to be overly put upon by others. Combining your practicality with the ability to organize enables you to discern what most needs your attention today. As you hone in on your intuition and slice through illusion, you can harness deep integrity and release any feelings of self-doubt. Having high standards for how you spend your time proves fruitful. Embrace your idealism without sacrificing realism.

Leo Daily Horoscope Saturday – Aug 10, 2019
Your impressive confidence and creativity motivate you to spread benevolence upon anyone with who you connect. A deeply embedded sense of loyalty strengthens your relationships, but also encourages you to stay too long in an unhealthy place. Be constructive with your generosity by practicing discernment and prioritizing your dignity. Keep your joyful, youthful spirit alive without being overly childish. Let go of the temptation to resort to emotional games or mental manipulation. Express your open heart with discretion and kindness.

Virgo Daily Horoscope Saturday – Aug 10, 2019
The unconscious comes to light and empathy builds as you accept your intuitive insights. Love can validate your strong feelings, but be mindful of emotional hooks from the past or any current unhealthy relationship dynamics. Release connections that feel detrimental and search for ways you may inadvertently be a drain on others. The desire to be nurtured is eased by cultivating the same self-care you want to receive. Your strong sense of self-preservation empowers you to take full responsibility for the person you are today. Transparency is your friend.

Libra Daily Horoscope Saturday – Aug 10, 2019
Making exactly the right connections is your specialty. There may be a tendency to try to accomplish everything asked of you today and, thankfully, your networks come in handy when others reach out for assistance. Stay on your toes and welcome any opportunities to dive deep while still casting a wide net. Everyone wants to be socially accepted; stick to the truth rather than telling people what they hope to hear. A quiet self-assurance helps you flow through your surroundings without having to seek approval. You are free to explore all possibilities when you operate on your own terms.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Saturday – Aug 10, 2019
Your loyal dependability is a superpower people count on. Although you tend to be fixed and steadfast when it comes to matters of the heart, you have a fresh opportunity now to dissolve limiting beliefs from the past. Swerve around the temptation of self-indulgence masquerading as comfort eating or blatant procrastinating. Consider what repressed feelings need to be released to shed emotional baggage. The lighter you become, the more you value the core truth of who you are. Expand beyond the status quo and spend some time grounding in nature. Remember your worth; your presence is an invaluable contribution to the world.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Saturday – Aug 10, 2019
Your admirers want to follow where you enthusiastically lead. However, its wise to distinguish between assertion and aggression today; self-absorption begets emotional blocks. Step outside of yourself and support your community by sharing your expertise. Be open to new friendships and create interdependence with like-spirited folks. Standing up for the rights of the voiceless transforms the world. Participating in a greater cause creates inner peace and quells the desire for instant gratification. Giving generously to others is a gift to yourself. Extending love expands it tenfold.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Saturday – Aug 10, 2019
Emotional currents pull you this way and that. Pity and sympathy need not apply when love and empathy are amplified. Tuning into larger collective energies is beneficial for collaboration today, but can also create enmeshment. Check in with yourself periodically to discern the best route to take without self-abandonment. Be honest with your heart about any potential self-deception now. Reinforce your boundaries rather than fall into a savior-rescuer dynamic. You dont need a reason to help someone. Athlete Evan Brown said, The path to gaining respect is paved with knowledge and empathy.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Saturday – Aug 10, 2019
Maintain your strong resonance to universal energy. Your self-containment is a gift that allows you to connect with others without being swayed by arguments or pressure. Although in theory you embrace transformation and growth, a deep-seated resistance to change can keep you stagnant now. Examine your reticence to vulnerability and allow yourself to go deeper with a trustworthy person who gives you the space to be yourself. A relationship can present you with an opportunity to become intimate with the infinite.

Pisces Daily Horoscope Saturday – Aug 10, 2019
Releasing resistance increases your self-worth. Power and control dynamics can be tempered by remembering your commitment to something larger than yourself. From a solid inner core, you provide expansive value to your colleagues and the people in your sphere of influence. The cosmic energy supports your ambitions but be sure your drive is motivated by what you want to do, rather than someone elses expectations. Harness your confidence and let go of any illusions of inadequacy. Following your dreams is an act of courage.

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