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Pisces December 2017 Love Horoscope

Pisces December 2017 Love Horoscope

This month you’ll be even more emotionally open and sensitive than usual, so you may want to ramp up your psychic self-protection exercises. A Full Moon in your sign on December 6 will turn you into mush if you’re not careful. Absorbing other people’s emotions and issues is normal for you to a certain extent, but this month, you might begin to feel as if you’re living in someone else’s skin — like your partner’s. Whatever he or she is going through will affect you more than usual. Do what you can to help your sweetie through any potential rough patch, but remember not to take on more than you are capable of. If you do, then the urge to escape might be especially strong early in the month and your partner might not understand. He or she may interpret this as abandonment during a time of need, and if so, it might damage an otherwise fantastic love connection. Explain to your mate that sometimes you need to get away from life’s chaos in order to recharge and be a better person, partner, and all-around human being. It’s not abandonment; it’s self-care. And this month, you’ll need to carve out time for some.

Fortunately, after December 19 things are calmer and more harmonious in love. Venus will move into your partnership sector on this day, helping you smooth over any rough edges in your relationship. A New Moon in the same area of your chart on December 20 will open the door for even more developments. If you’re dating someone, you might become exclusive. Single Pisceans: you’ll be more aware of what you want in matters of the heart than ever before. Dare to manifest it.

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