00:00 Meaning: Why Do I Keep Seeing 00:00

00:00 Meaning: Why Do I Keep Seeing 00:00

You will also be provided with the significance of 00:00 in numerology. A study of the numbers gives us lots of information on what we may encounter during our lifespan. “0” is a powerful number which has connections with the sacred. It represents the beginning and the end. 00:00 is therefore a double hour which is made up of all the other hours as well.

The total value of the mirror hour 00:00 is 0, which is both a figure and a number. It has been used 3 times in the numeral systems of ancient civilizations. It therefore brings you back to a kind of origin point. It is here that we can find symbolism of the sacred as everything starts at the number 0; it is a representation of the cosmos, of creation, and of the end.

You should soon feel an important need for change within yourself! You are going to progress along paths which are currently unknown to you, but you are going to have to take part in some serious self-reflection first. When we want to change everything, we need to give ourselves the means to do so!

On the romantic level you are going to have a wonderful encounter. The person that is truly right for you is just around the corner! If you are already in a couple then your relationship will gain new momentum. You will be able to manage the little day-to-day conflicts which will allow you to concentrate on your own fulfillment as well as that of your partner.

The significance of 00:00 in numerology shows that you really do have all the cards in hand to succeed in anything you do. The only real enemy that may get in the way is you! Don’t allow yourself to become trapped by limiting thoughts. Open yourself up to a world of possibilities and create an opportunity for you and those around you!


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