10 Reasons Why You Should Focus On Leos In Your Search For A Partner

10 Reasons Why You Should Focus On Leos In Your Search For A Partner

Dating a Leo (July 23-August 22) is an experience unlike any other.

We may be crazy, but we are definitely known to be the best, funniest, most amazing people to you’ll ever have privilege wine and dine.

Here are 10 reasons dating a Leo is the absolute best thing to ever happen to you:


We are as true to ourselves as we will be true to you. Leos are never in search of options, just one person we feel can handle our personality. We can be cocky, moody and overdramatic, but one thing we will always shine light on is loyalty.

In a relationship, we stay committed. We are willing to work through obstacles and challenges, and perfect the perfected.

When Leos find their match, we never let them go. We cherish them and open up our hearts to whatever the relationship may have in store.

But believe it or not, if a Leo isn’t feeling it, he or she will leave without any hesitation.


As rulers of the jungle, we protect what is ours. When dating a Leo, times may arise when you feel as though we’re being overbearing.

It is simply because we put others before ourselves, so we always want to make sure you are happy. We will constantly be looking out for you and firmly suggesting things because we know it will be in your best interest.


As self-centered as a Leo can act, in relationships, we devote ourselves completely to you.

We will drop our lives to do things for those who matter most to us. We never think twice about lending a helping hand, an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on.


Leos are extremely compassionate. We love helping others and knowing people need our help. We believe in karma, and being kind is much easier than being arrogant.

Dating a Leo means lots of love all the time. We enjoy giving love just as much as we love being showered in it.


Keep it real or keep it moving. Leos speak their minds and are not afraid of confrontation. If you have never dated a Leo before, don’t be taken back by our upfront persona.

If you want an opinion, a true honest opinion, we will give it to you. We aren’t afraid to tell you you’re being annoying, or have bad breath. Be aware that we are willing to take it just as much as we are willing to give it.


We love attention. We are the life of the party. If there could be a spotlight on us at all times, our only request would be to brighten it.

As self-centered as we can come off, a Leo is also an observer. Many times we like to keep quiet and take the back seat.

We learn from others and we enjoy listening just as much as we enjoy talking. A lion is still when it hunts, and a Leo chooses to be reserved when first being approached.


No one in this world will have your back like a Leo. Thick or thin, we are going to support our significant others to the end.

We aren’t afraid of knocking some sense into our partners when we don’t necessarily agree, but be will never hold you back. We will only help you propel forward.


Leos radiate good vibes. It’s simply our demeanor. As much as we like to be happy, we get more satisfaction when we see the people we love are happy too.

If that is not the case, Leos will bend backward and forward to bring a smile to your face.


We don’t give a sh*t. Seriously, we don’t.

If we want something, we stop at nothing until we get it. Nothing stands in our way. If something does, we will say goodbye because we are bulldozing are way to the top.

Leos are risk takers. We’re daring, ballsy and fearless, and we never ever think of the consequences if we fail simply because failing is never an option.

We choose to take life head on, and we make the best of what ever is thrown our way.


Leos never quit. We can be relentless at times, but it is always done with the best intentions. If we want something, we go for it.

We do our best to spread positivity to those around us. When dating a Leo, you’ll often see that no matter how right or wrong we can be, we’ll stand always by our truth.


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