12:12 Meaning: Why Do I Keep Seeing 12:12

12:12 Meaning: Why Do I Keep Seeing 12:12

The mirror hour 12:12 is imbued with great mystical symbolism. We can find the number 12 in the Sacred Texts of the three main monotheistic religions. In the Jewish faith we can first of all see it in the Old Testamant which includes the 12 tribes of Israel as well as the twelve “minor prophets”. In the Christian faith the gospel of the New Testament describes the 12 stars surrounding the Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven, not forgetting the 12 apostles of Christ. In Islam, the Quran also speaks of the 12 Imams. As you can see, this mirror hour is loaded with symbolism!

The total value of the mirror hour 12:12 is 24. This number can be considered a positive sign in the realms of love and work, but make sure to always give yourself the amount of free space which is right for you. You give a lot to other people, but you should also take the time to unwind as this is important too.

Family and friendship are two pillars of your life. Your gift for communication gives you a packed social life! It must be said that your natural curiosity drives you to seek out new experiences. You are the one that people can count on when they want to have an incredible adventure!

If there is something that you want to happen at any cost, the number 24 encourages you to make a wish! The mirror hour 12:12 is a sign that you can rightly expect the helping hand of fate! You’ve earned it!

Finally, the number 24 shows that you are a responsible and trustworthy person. You respect the natural order of things and you always honor your word. Unfortunately you will come across people in life who are not so inclined, and this could lead to acts of deception, especially in love.


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