13:13 Meaning: Why Do I Keep Seeing 13:13

13:13 Meaning: Why Do I Keep Seeing 13:13

The number 13 is the source of many legends and superstitions. It was following the Last Supper when 12 people were sitting at the table with Jesus Christ that he was led to be betrayed by Judas, guest number 13. And let’s not forget the massacre of the Knights Templar on Friday 13th October 1307. Is the hour 13:13 synonymous with fortune or misfortune? Let’s find out its meaning right now!

The total value of the mirror hour 13:13 is 26. This number is clear indication that your deepest desire will be answered, and sooner than you would have thought. Whether it be in love, work, or money, you are going to receive a positive answer even if you thought one impossible!

26 is synonymous with power and success on the professional and financial level. You are a person anchored in reality which allows you to avoid many traps. This also helps you to lead a team and to manage important projects, since you are there for people and you understand the issues of your coworkers.

26 indicates a transfer, a journey, or even a move. Here we see the meaning behind 13:13: “movement”. Your sense of efficiency will be your greatest asset in managing these movements. If you want to work abroad, it seems that this could certainly be in the cards!

Family is very important to you, one could even say that it is one of your strengths. Your talent for diplomacy will help you to resolve certain conflicts between those close to you. Communication is important for strengthening ties with others and you have this skill down to an art!


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