18:18 Meaning: Why Do I Keep Seeing 18:18

18:18 Meaning: Why Do I Keep Seeing 18:18

It is possible that since seeing 18:18 you have felt a bit unbalanced! This is completely normal, as the energies of the number 18 can be a bit unnerving! We will give you more details as your romantic, professional, and financial lives will be affected.

The total value of the mirror hour 18:18 is 36, which shows that humanism is important to you; you voluntarily come to the aid of those who need it. You are a philanthropic person which is greatly appreciated by the people around you, but be careful of those who would abuse your kindness. Protect yourself!

36 also shows that you have an overwhelming amount of inspiration within you. You regularly surprise people with your ideas and your concepts. You undoubtedly have a large amount of resources at your disposal, as well as a lucky streak! Your creative mind does wonders in your romantic and professional lives.

You are quite a positive person! A continuously optimistic state of mind helps you in the challenges you face. You are not scared of hardship! If you have seen the mirror hour 18:18 then this could mean that the thing that you most desire is going to present itself! Once more, luck will come into play.

Finally, you have a highly-developed sense of family. You like to come together with those who are close to you and build with them. You are the perfect role model for many. You are important and your life matters a lot, therefore pay attention to what you say! Words can sometimes hurt more than weapons.


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