20:20 Meaning: Why Do I Keep Seeing 20:20

20:20 Meaning: Why Do I Keep Seeing 20:20

When we come across a mirror hour such as 20:20 we often want to find out what it means right away. Here you will be given access to all the information you need to better analyze the symbolism and the hidden meaning behind this hour. It is just like drawing a card from a Tarot deck, it means you have been given a message!

The total value of the mirror hour 20:20 is 40. This shows that you are a person with a practical mind. You have the ability to concentrate on your goals which allows you to act very efficiently, but consider taking some time over them. This is very important!

This number also shows that you may sometimes find it difficult to control your emotions. This can get in the way of your social fulfillment. Learn to control yourself in all situations or else risk suffering for no reason.

The twin hour 20:20 and its value of 40 can symbolize an obstacle or a limitation. There is also the same idea of instability that we saw when studying the angels. This number is about challenges or temporary difficulties that you may encounter. Do your best to ride them out. If you stay determined and keep doing things in your own special way you will overcome them!

This sign also encourages you to be honest in your life. Do not lie to yourself or else risk facing setbacks in your romantic, professional, or financial lives. You should not lead a life of lies, as the truth will always come to light!


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