2022 Fall Horoscopes

2022 Fall Horoscopes

On September 22, the fresh start you’ve been waiting for arrives along with the perfect excuse to bust out your favorite sweaters, boots, and pumpkin spice recipes. On the fall equinox, as the sun moves from pragmatic earth sign Virgo into balance-seeking air sign Libra, we’ll officially welcome a whole new season, a blank canvas made for new beginnings.

An opportunity to refresh your routine and recommit to your goals, fall is typically marked by buckling down and getting back to work following a fun, sunshine-filled — and this year in particular — revenge travel-packed summertime. And with a Mercury retrograde and eclipse season on the horizon, the cosmos are intent on sweeping away anything that’s no longer serving you in order to set the stage for a new chapter.

A few key dates: On September 23, messenger Mercury moves back into Virgo where it was most recently from August 4 to 25, so you can anticipate revisiting any loose ends left behind. And, good news for building momentum on big picture goals: Once Mercury retrograde concludes on October 2, it’ll be easier to connect, communicate, and move forward (just don’t forget the retroshade). October 25 marks a solar eclipse and new moon in Scorpio, which serves as an astrological reset button, offering up eye-opening moments and change, especially around identity, self-exploration, and self-awareness, while November 8 hosts an emotional lunar eclipse and full moon in Taurus.

Here are the invigorating, inspiring changes you can expect this season, based on your zodiac sign. (Be sure to read your rising sign as well as your sun.)

Fall Horoscopes For Each Zodiac Signs


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