23:23 Meaning: Why Do I Keep Seeing 23:23

23:23 Meaning: Why Do I Keep Seeing 23:23

Your subconscious has made sure that you look at the clock at this exact time of day. Its goal is to successfully deliver a message to your conscious mind. However we need to know how to interpret it, and this is not necessarily something that everyone can do. Here you will benefit from our expertise in the field of angelology which will give you the keys to understanding these double hours.

The total value of the mirror hour 23:23 is 46. This number shows a high level of independence. You like freedom to act, but more than this, you like freedom to choose! Be wary of anyone who would want to impose their views on you. You have strong opinions about free will and you are a symbol of integrity.

You are going to experience a positive development in your professional life. You have an impressive ability to concentrate and the way you do your work brings you results which often surpass the aims set beforehand. Your desire to explore new areas of knowledge gives you a definite advantage.

But this success can quickly be compromised if you don’t manage to find your balance on the emotional level. Your romantic life seems complicated and this sometimes has a negative impact on the other areas of your life. You should avoid making the same mistakes in love again at any cost, otherwise you may have to suffer a blow to your mental wellbeing.

You are a sensitive person and you think that you can help everyone! Indeed, you have a lot of potential to heal those souls in need, but you definitely shouldn’t take on the misery of everyone you meet. Continue to look after your family and the people who make up your home. Once you have found stability, you will be able to take part in the enlightenment of a great number of people without risking your own wellbeing.


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