5 Reasons A Pisces Is Your Most Supportive Friend

5 Reasons A Pisces Is Your Most Supportive Friend

The Pisces sign is interesting, as it’s the last sign of the complex Zodiac. Being last means they are made up of all the 11 signs that came before them.

As a mutable sign, there are many variations and therefore, many different kinds of fish in the sea.

There really is good catch and bad catch — the type you take home and the type you throw back. You do have to be cautious as a bad fish can be manipulative, emotionally-draining, dishonest and prone to addiction issues.

When you do meet a quality Pisces, you will know it. He or she will be considerate, kind, interesting and intuitive. When you meet the right Pisces, you will be beyond grateful for that person because he or she will always be there to help.

Here are five important reasons why the Pisces in your life is the best person to talk to:


A good Pisces will have a very big, compassionate and caring heart. With a kind and generous spirit, Pisceans likes to make people feel special. They truly want to promote kindness in the world and like to do good things for others.

Making others feel good makes a Pisces feel good. Pisceans will go above and beyond for the people that they love.

Pisceans really care about your well-being and will always get back to you. A Pisces knows how to make you feel better with words, and has a natural ability to listen and understand the motivations of others.

They know how to boost you up when you feel defeated. They remind you of your good qualities, put things into context and remind you of your self-worth.


Empathy is a rare, important quality that not all signs have or can master. It is a social skill that escapes many, as it’s hard for some signs to see beyond their own problems.

Having the ability to put yourself in someone’s shoes and understand his or her feelings is a necessary one if someone is coming to you for support. How can you support a person if you do not feel for that friend?

A Pisces is usually emotionally intelligent, and can feel the pain behind the words. Pisceans really try to understand how you are feeling and provide support without judgment.

They are rarely the type to give tough love, as they feel empathic support is much more effective.


Pisceans are well-known for their psychic energy. They read people really well and often know what someone is going to say before it’s said. They may even be able to accurately predict the outcome of situations and relationships.

A Pisces will be able to perceive your motivations, limitations, emotional capacity, personal disposition and general aspirations in life. That person will know instantly whether he or she likes someone or not.

Pisceans could never fake an emotional relationship. They are either into you, or they are not. Know that their compassion is genuine because they could never fake concern for you.

They are so intuitive, they will know what you need from a romantic partner. Pisces knows not to push people in directions that do not benefit them.


As a result of being so intuitive, Pisceans will know how to give you advice that is influenced by your personality and past behavior. This means they will never give you cliched fortune cookie advice.

Pisceans are wise and often know what the best course of action is for themselves and others.

The Pisces in your life will know how you react to situations and will help you to acknowledge that your impulsive behavior has proven to be a bad choice in the past. They understand the needs of others and work with you to figure out what you really need.

Once they achieve this, they will help you get it. Pisceans are not the masters of tough love, but they are the masters of effective love.


A Pisces has a lot of love to give and isn’t afraid to express it or show it. Pisceans will tell you if you look nice or if they like your outfit. They will feel comfortable saying, “I love you” and remind you often.

Pisceans attempt to spread love in the world not only by complimenting people but by giving random gifts from the heart. They will treat you the way they want to be treated, as they secretly hope to receive this kind of love in return.

Love completes the Pisces, as they search for the perfect romantic match. True love is the one thing they want most.

They will build up the people that they love when they are down and out. A Pisces has a tender, reassuring nature that puts people at ease and allows them to open up.

Remember, while one Pisces is forgiving, another Pisces is vengeful. When you encounter the right Pisces, you will feel his or her warm, caring spirit and know that you can say anything without feeling judged.

A good Pisces lover/friend will always be there to support you.


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