Aquarius 2019 December Monthly Love Horoscope

Aquarius 2019 December Monthly Love Horoscope

MONTH OF DEC 2019: There’s an electric spark in the air when you talk to your crush or partner during Mercury’s meetup with fiery Sagittarius on December 9. Your conversations are daring and exciting, and you might just fall (more) in love during one of the best conversations of your life!

There are changes to consider during the Jupiter-Uranus trine on the fifteenth, especially if things have been stagnant or uncomfortable in your love life lately. You aren’t as into commitment as a lot of other signs, and when things are bad, you start looking for the exits. Use this positive energy to stay and look at your options instead of running.

Romantic Venus comes for a visit to your sign on December 20, which can open new doors and help you consider interesting romantic possibilities. You think of yourself as a romantic pioneer, and who’s to say some of your more out-there ideas won’t work? Finding an open-minded, willing partner is the key to making unconventional relationships work.

A lucky sun-Jupiter conjunction in logical Capricorn on the twenty-seventh helps you see something you’ve been ignoring or just blind to in the past. Now that your destiny has been revealed, how will you proceed? There are consequences to throwing caution to the wind, but occasionally you just have to go for it!


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