Aquarius 2020 Yearly Love Horoscope

Aquarius 2020 Yearly Love Horoscope

YEAR OF 2020: Only fools rush in, Aquarius—and with cautious Saturn testing the waters in your sign (March 21-July 1), this year you’re nobody’s fool.

We get it: Experience has made you older and wiser, so you’d rather not take any chances on love unless it seems like a sure thing. But by closing your heart, you could be denying yourself the pleasure of a genuine connection.

Fortunately, Venus in Gemini (April 3-August 7, retrograde May 12-June 24) helps you lighten up a little. With the love goddess herself in your house of fun and romance, you’re less worried about serious commitment and more concerned with just enjoying life. There’s likely to be an emphasis on friendship over romance—still, with Venus trine Saturn in your sign on April 4, you shouldn’t rule out the possibility of it growing into something more! After all, friendship is the foundation of any solid relationship.

Aquarius, we all just want to be loved… but asking for love is a vulnerable thing. It takes courage to wear your heart on your sleeve, especially in August and September as planets in your opposite sign of Leo square your ruler Uranus in risk-averse Taurus. A heart-opening new moon in Leo on August 18, with Venus in Cancer sextile Uranus, helps ease fears of rejection, allowing you to show your softer side.

In a perfect world, we’d all feel safe expressing ourselves. But you know better than anyone how easy it is to get stuck in your own head and start overthinking things—especially when it comes to relationships. From late August through October, planets transiting Virgo (your eighth house of sex and intimacy) make it tempting to focus on the flaws. Fortunately, though, their trines with Uranus support you in choosing radical acceptance instead.

Ultimately, Aquarius, it’s not about finding the “perfect” person, or trying to fix an imperfect one. It’s about loving them as they are—flaws and all—and letting them in to disrupt your comfortable life in the most beautiful and surprising ways.


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