You are going to be very euphoric. This astral climate during the first month of 2019 will bring the chance of a new beginning in the love life for many of you, and this is a decisive and unexpected path.

The single hearts will especially wish to stabilize their lives and to start a durable relationship. A possible love at first sight for some of the Aquarius natives may occur during a trip abroad or an unexpected meeting with a stranger.

After a few months, you are going to have an uncomfortable feeling of insecurity. If your romantic relationship doesn’t fully satisfy you, you might need to end it and start over. Some of the natives will do this with no remorse whatsoever.

Most of the Aquarius natives will still feel attached to their partners, however, without trying to improve this situation.

Only some of them will be wise enough to take the right measures to consolidate and improve their couple life. If necessary, don’t hesitate to ask for advice.

During the second part of 2019, you are persisting in your very honorable desire to renew things in love. During this period, you will take full advantage of the inner harmony instilled by Jupiter.

In full impetus, freed, you will emanate a positive magnetism, you will spread around a contagious joy and you will be ready to take advantage of all the opportunities gifted by this star. Beware of jealousy like bubonic plague!

During the last months, you will tend to think too much of the future and too less at the present. This attitude can cause conflicts, especially if your partner is a Libra native.

The single Aquarius natives have no reason to worry; if their love life lacks salt and pepper, in compensation, they will find the peace they need.

Marriage and even consensual free union can be pursued with chances of success.


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