Aries August 2018 Horoscope

Aries August 2018 Horoscope

Love really wants to come into your life this month, Aries. It really, really does. But, boy oh boy, the drama that will be attached to it … well that part is not something you’re going to look forward to.

On August 6 Venus will move into your partnership sector and remains here through September 9. If you’re in a relationship already, then this will help smooth over any rough edges that might come up in August. When it comes to business partnerships, however, you might have a tense moment near August 9 when Venus and Saturn square off. The truth is, you might not be appreciating this person enough, and all he or she has to offer. Look within and try to figure out why this is so, and then do what you can to fix it. Your ego mashed up in this alliance will only lead to trouble. Remember: if you’re partners that means you’re on the same side. Act like it.

If you’re single, there is a definite turn of events in store for you. The Solar Eclipse on August 11 falls in your 5th House of True Love, Creativity, and Children. Mercury will be retrograde very close to the degree of this eclipse. The literal manifestation of this energy might be a reconciliation with an ex-lover — someone who returns with more passion for you than ever. The question is: will you take it? You might not be able to decide until after Mercury turns direct on August 19. In fact, you probably should wait until Mars, your ruler, turns direct on the 27th before you make a final decision about any action you want to take.

Another possible manifestation of this Solar Eclipse might be some dramatic event with one of your children. It would have roots in a past situation, and since Mars will still be retrograde at this time and will just have moved into your 10th house, you might not feel as if you have any authority in the situation; absolutely no ability to force anything. Unfortunately, the truth is, you don’t. At least not yet. Aries, you are just not in your power until Mars turns direct, so please try to make peace with this. The more you push for anything, the more you’ll feel crushed.

A Full Moon in your 12th House of Escape on August 26 will be the perfect time for you to get away from everyone and everything. If you can schedule a little getaway on your own for a couple of days, that might be the very best way to clear your mind and press the re-set button in your life. That way, once Mars does turn direct, you’ll be able to move forward full force with all the ambition, courage, and passion you have inside of you.

Aries, you are a force to be reckoned with. This month however, you just need to make peace with the reality that force will get you nowhere. Continue to quietly reckon.


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