Aries February 2018 Love Horoscope

Aries February 2018 Love Horoscope

As Mars, your guardian angel planet, moves into ambitious, responsible, disciplined, success-oriented Capricorn, where he is very much at home on the 6th, you’ll find it easier to take steps up the mountain of your dreams.

Your usual modus operandi is to pursue your passions and desires spontaneously and without much forethought. Mars in Capricorn adds practicality and organization to your bold, daring, courageous, pioneering nature.

As you take each step up the mountain patiently (not your strong suit, for sure) securing your footing every step of the way with determination and conviction, you are assured that you will reach the top.

As fiery Aries and earthy Capricorn are both initiating signs, you’re impossible to stop once you get going. It doesn’t get any better than an Aries Sun with a clearly defined plan and the commitment to implement it.


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