Cancer 2019 November Monthly Horoscope

Cancer 2019 November Monthly Horoscope

MONTH OF NOV 2019: What will the full moon in patient Taurus bring on November 12? Hopefully, it will give you peace of mind that things will happen when they’re meant to, Cancer. If you’ve been nervous or anxious about a certain event, this full moon should help lay your worries to rest.

Powerful Mars meets up with Scorpio, one of the signs it rules, on the eighteenth, charging the air with a determined, single-minded energy. If you focus on one main goal, you have a great chance of making it happen. This strong duo gives you the willpower to overcome a bad habit, unhealthy addiction, or obsession as well, so don’t pass up the opportunity to conquer your demons.

If you’ve been struggling during this Mercury retrograde period, you can breathe a sigh of relief as the planet goes direct in Scorpio on November 20. You can finally count on technology again, which makes your life a whole lot easier. Everything isn’t magically back to normal, but it’s moving in the right direction.

An adventurous Sagittarius new moon on the twenty-sixth gives you a lot to look forward to, especially if you have travel plans. Seeing the world now is a fabulous learning experience, and you’re open to meeting new people and learning about new cultures. Leave painful memories behind to make room for new happier ones.


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