Cancer August 2017 Horoscope

Cancer August 2017 Horoscope

Are you ready for a financial boost? After August 2, that’s exactly what the universe has planned. Of course, you’ll need to actually initiate something connected to marketing your talents in order to see it all materialize. This could be anything from launching a new business idea to raising your rates (if you’re self-employed) or asking your boss for a well-deserved salary increase. You’ll have plenty of stamina to work through your assignments and show everyone you work with what you’re truly made of. This can only help you achieve your financial goals.

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You’ll also have the most remarkable way with words after August 5 thanks to Venus moving through your communication sector. Until August 29, be confident in your ability to negotiate favorable terms on a contract. You can also make vital decisions about love or money during this time. Words get messy however after August 30. You can blame Mercury Retrograde for that.
In other news, you might pay off a major debt near August 18. This could be anything from a medical bill to a credit card but the feeling you’ll have will be utter relief!

Domestic matters will go smoothly after August 29, so if you’re thinking about hosting a family gathering, wait until the end of the month. Sure, Mercury will be retrograde but it doesn’t mean you have to crawl under a rock. In fact, it’ll be a great time for you and siblings to make amends over a situation that you couldn’t agree on in the past.


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