Cancer December 2017 Horoscope

Cancer December 2017 Horoscope

Expenses might run higher than usual this month. Last month, Mars entered your 8th House of Shared Resources and will remain in this part of your chart until December 19. Mars tends to aggravate what it touches so you may hear frustrating news from your accountant about a tax situation. It’s also possible that one of your creditors will begin to hassle you unexpectedly. If you are in the middle of negotiations to secure a lower interest rate on a loan or to settle debt, then you’ll be relentless in your pursuit to have things go your way. Even so, there might be a major insurance, tax or miscellaneous bill that you’ll have to handle.

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The good news is that Venus joins the same area of your chart on December 7, and until early next month, promises that money will be there to settle whatever frustrating expenses there are. In fact, you will have a beautiful edge in financial negotiations because of this. Pay attention to financial events near December 25 — they will be extremely beneficial for you!

In other news, on December 19 Mercury will turn retrograde in your 7th House of Relationships. Until January 8 you and your partner might be at an impasse regarding a major decision you have to make together. Another possibility is that you will go back to an old conversation you never finished up in order to achieve closure. On December 29 a New Moon in this area of your chart will help you and your partner move forward. Together.


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