Cancer December 2017 Love Horoscope

Cancer December 2017 Love Horoscope

Powerful changes are on the horizon for you and your spouse or partner this month, Cancer. It all begins near┬áDecember 9. If you and your mate are trying to make decisions about anything, you’ll both feel determined to unite and work together in order to achieve your aim. You might also have an empowering conversation about your intimate life, and if so, you’ll feel quite positive about the direction of your relationship after you have it. Don’t shy away from any uncomfortable dialogue during this time. Once you get it all out in the open, you’ll see for yourself that the discussion you had was meant to happen. It’ll be a cathartic release that ultimately brings you closer.

On┬áDecember 28 Pluto will turn direct in your partnership sector after having been retrograde for months. Now, after a long stretch of time where you and your mate have been working on a powerful transformation as a couple, you’ll feel ready to implement those changes. The dynamic of your union might feel impenetrable.

If you’re single, a sexy, mysterious lover might sneak into your world by the end of the month. Even if the person doesn’t arrive, you’ll begin to feel the vibrations of something major rumbling. If you are feeling as if you’ll never find “the one,” you only need to hold on for just a little while longer. Next month the universe has a life changing event in store for you — and your love life. It will be amazing!


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