Cancer February 2023 Horoscope

Cancer February 2023 Horoscope

Cancer, this easygoing month brings an opportunity to create more wealth, make new discoveries, and embrace challenges and ambitious goals. The sun in Aquarius until February 18 puts you in a position to take stock of your finances, pay off debts, and get your money to work harder for you. And if you run a business, you’ll be eager to make it grow by using cutting-edge ideas and technologies.

Finances could be high on your agenda this month, especially around the time of the full moon in Leo on the fifth. You might have an unexpected expense that needs paying, or you could become aware of how you’re frittering money away but be ready to do something about. If you feel you must splurge, then some self-care and pampering would be a great investment.

Savvy Mercury moves into Aquarius on February 11, so you’ll want to put your mind toward resolving lingering issues. This might be a good time to connect with a counselor or life coach who can help you resolve any blocks to abundance, success, and happiness.

The sun moves into Pisces and a lighter and brighter zone on the eighteenth. After a period of intensity, you’ll be ready to travel, explore new opportunities and challenges, study, and seek experiences that encourage your personal growth.

The new moon in this sector the next day is the best time for a fresh start. Are you planning to launch a project, start a class, or set out on a journey? If you make your move at this time, you can be helped along by the moon tide.

Finally, luscious Venus moves into fiery Aries and your sector of goals and ambitions on February 20, so you’ll be very proactive about making the right connections, especially with anyone who can be useful to you in the future. There’s also the potential for romance with someone in the same profession as you.


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