Cancer November 2018 Horoscope

Cancer November 2018 Horoscope

This month is so chaotically beautiful, Cancer. You’re not going to know where to focus on first. As early as November 6 you’ll notice a jumpstart professionally. Uranus dips back into the area of your chart connected to your professional world, essentially turning it upside down once more (and until March 6, 2019). But don’t worry — this time it’s a happy surprise. That’s because Jupiter moves into your work sector two days later, bringing in abundance and plenty of lucky breaks to this area of your life. You might suddenly quit a job that makes you miserable only to find your dream job the very next day. Or, you might have a sudden opportunity to seize a promotion or expand a freelance business.

With Jupiter in your 6th House of Well-Being until December 2, 2019, you’ll also find yourself well protected in health. If there is anything you need to take care of over the next year, you can smile knowing you’ll have top notch healthcare. You might also feel more optimistic about your health than you have in quite a while, because you’re finally taking care of matters you’ve been neglecting for far too long.

Your love life will get a boost as well thanks to a gorgeous New Moon in your romance sector on November 7. Karmic love connections are still a major theme after November 16 when Venus finally turns direct. She’ll move forward in your home and family sector, suggesting that one of your relatives might introduce you to your next soulmate. You might also meet this person at a family gathering, so keep your eyes peeled! If you’ve been going through money like water when it comes to work around your house or on family expenses, it will all begin to regulate itself after November 16.

Mercury retrogrades on the same day as Venus turning direct, adding yet another layer of flavor to this month’s cosmic soup. Happening in your work sector, it’s possible that you and a colleague will begin to experience some misunderstandings. Fortunately, with Jupiter in the same area of your chart, you’ll work through it. You might also go back to a job you held in the past. It’ll be even better this time around. You’ll actually feel as though your opinions are respected and you don’t have to speak as loudly in order to truly be heard.


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