Cancer September 2018 Horoscope

Cancer September 2018 Horoscope

Your love life is about to reach a whole new level. Whether you’re single, attached, or somewhere in between, you can expect a major dose of passion and happenings. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance, has already been in your romance sector since October 2017, blessing you with a once-in-12-years opportunity to meet and fall in love with the person you know is meant for you. If you’re already with this person, then you can anticipate September to be a month of remarkable joy and depth and profound exchanges thanks to Venus, the planet of love, moving into the same area of your chart on September 9. Venus will remain here for an extended stay thanks to her retrograde (happening next month). This month she means business, though, and plans to move your love life forward. You might become engaged, married, or find out that you and your sweetheart are expecting a child near September 12 when Jupiter makes a perfect link to both Pluto and Saturn, now in your commitment sector. This is amazing!

If you’re still completely single, then this month it is truly “on” for you! With the two luckiest planets of the zodiac both swirling around in your romance sector, you’ll have no shortage of opportunities for love. The best part of this energy is the fact that in Scorpio, it’s all about deep and meaningful connections. That means the person of interest who comes your way this month will not have one ounce of superficiality to them — and that is just the way you like it. You want someone who can match you in terms of sensitivity, emotionalism, and overall feels. Guess what: this is exactly what you’ll get! In fact, you might quickly realize that this person who is interested in you wants to meld with you in every way possible. He or she might quickly become attached — even a little possessive. But you won’t be turned off by this. In fact, you’ll have the exact opposite reaction.

In between moments of romantic bliss, you can expect some developments in your career life as well. A Full Moon at the top of your chart on September 24 will absolutely bring attention your way from a VIP. You could be in the spotlight for a professional achievement. At the same time, however, if you’re in a business where you see clients or have a business partner, there might be some trouble with this relationship that you’ll need to address. You want to have things your way, but the other person feels that he or she knows best. If you both continue to take the same stance, how will you work things out?


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