Capricorn September 2018 Horoscope

Capricorn September 2018 Horoscope

As September begins you’re likely feeling as if you’ve just come out of a long winter’s nap. Mars, the planet of assertive energy and motivation, has been retrograde since late June, but for half of August he was backpedaling in your sign which seriously diminished your mojo. If you used this period of respite wisely then you are now waking up to a time when you know that you’re truly in your power. That’s because you’ve learned something over the last several weeks about where and how to direct your energy. You aren’t wasting it.

The greatest lesson you’ve learned has to do with money. You might have been carelessly spending on things that you realize have absolutely no value to you. Wasting money that you earn is not something you wanted to admit you were doing, much less address any consequences that might have come out of it. Still, you did confront whatever financial mistakes you were making, and after September 10 Mars will re-enter your earned income sector in direct motion, helping to finally make the right money moves. And you’ll be moving fast!

Aside from this, you might have the “back to school” itch going on in September. A fastidious New Moon in your 9th House of Higher Education might prompt you to sign up for an adult education class, or even consider going back to school to earn an advanced degree. You’ll be extremely deliberate about this decision, and whatever you study appears to be something that will improve your skills at work. Go for it!

A Full Moon in your home and family sector on September 24 might be tricky. It’ll be at a harsh angle to Saturn, now in your sign, making you feel downright depressed about a domestic matter. Maybe you’re upset because you’re always the one who has to pick up the pieces for everyone else and you’re just plain tired. Being the one who carries all the weight for an entire family isn’t fair, so if this is you, something must change. Where is your safe place to fall? If you realize you don’t have one, then this lunation might be more stressful for you. It’s time to nourish yourself first, Capricorn.


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