Daily Career Horoscope – March 19, 2023

Daily Career Horoscope – March 19, 2023

ARIES Daily Work Horoscope March 19, 2023

It is time to be more direct, Aries. You may have taken a more passive approach to workplace dialogues over the last few weeks since you might have been a little unsure about what to say or when to say it. This introspective period is coming to an end as Mercury enters your sign today! With the cosmic messenger fired up in your sign, you may feel more forthright about your opinions or feedback as opposed to how you have handled work conversations in the last few weeks. Speak up during this Mercurial transit!

TAURUS Daily Work Horoscope March 19, 2023

Cat got your tongue, Taurus? Now that Mercury is in fiery Aries, you may feel more direct than usual since there might be a lot that you want to share in your workplace. But this Mercurial transit will be a subconscious influence, so it may feel like your mind is bubbling over with how much you want to speak up in the workplace. However, this energy might hold you back to a certain extent, so you may need to work on not feeling overwhelmed by your mental agility and opinion.

GEMINI Daily Work Horoscope March 19, 2023

Put yourself out there, Gemini! Networking is on your mind since you may feel more motivated than ever before to get connected with professionals far and wide as Mercury enters fiery Aries. The courageous energy of this Mercurial transit is just what you need to be confident with attending professional events, introducing yourself to new professionals, and to even making cold calls to see what opportunities are out there waiting for you. Mercury in Aries’ leadership skills will be amplified, so you may even feel inclined to dive into your professional aspirations!

CANCER Daily Work Horoscope March 19, 2023

Look at you go, Cancer! It may feel like everyone is turning to you for your two cents when Mercury enters Aries today. The Mercurial energy will amplify your professional demeanor. So, people will be coming to you for your quick advice and honest feedback. you may feel more direct than usual, especially if it is hard for you to communicate your thoughts and feelings regarding work. Luckily, Mercury in Aries is the time to be concise yet direct about work matters since your colleagues will want quick answers and conversations.

LEO Daily Work Horoscope March 19, 2023

Have an open mind, Leo. It is time to branch out from your usual comfort zone to see what else there is in your professional journey when Mercury enters Aries. You may feel more inquisitive than usual, so now could be an excellent time to take action with your ideas or curiosity. Talk to your colleagues and professional mentors to see where you could take your professional journey. Some of these conversations may even yield opportunities that could spark your interest in exploring a niche direction in your career path.

VIRGO Daily Work Horoscope March 19, 2023

Talk about your money matters, Virgo. Typically, it might be challenging for you to open up about your complex financial issues if you feel unsure about accepting or asking for help from others. But this might change as Mercury enters Aries today since this could allow you to be more direct about your financial stressors and goals. You can use this Mercurial transit for diving into a conversation with your partner, colleague, or financial advisor about what you want to accomplish. Being open and honest could help you take your money matters in a more empowered direction!

LIBRA Daily Work Horoscope March 19, 2023

Set your boundaries, Libra. Usually, you tend to play it safe by appeasing your professional relationships instead of sticking to your guns. However, it might be time to be more assertive about your boundaries and expectations as Mercury enters Aries today. Now that Mercury is in your opposite sign, you may feel more inclined to be upfront about what you are looking for in your professional relationships and arrangements. Do not shy away from this confrontation either since it could lead to something more fulfilling while alleviating the stress of pleasing others at your expense.

SCORPIO Daily Work Horoscope March 19, 2023

Watch your work conversations fly off of the handle, Scorpio! As Mercury enters Aries today, you may notice a shift in workplace correspondences. Between you and your co-workers, there might be much to discuss during this fiery Mercurial transit. Everyone will want to be heard, so do not be surprised if people are trying to speak over others or have the loudest voice in the room. Everyone will want to take the lead in the conversation, so this may lead to some squabbles. Remain confident that you will be heard no matter what. 

SAGITTARIUS Daily Work Horoscope March 19, 2023

Jot down all of your ideas, Sagittarius! Your creativity is about to be boosted with immense passion as Mercury enters Aries today. This new Mercurial transit is perfect for exploring your curiosities, ideas, and creative ventures. You may feel more confident than usual about taking action with your musings. Since you will feel so much more creative during this transit, you may feel somewhat overwhelmed by how much you want to accomplish or experiment with. Keep track of all of your professional passion projects by writing them down so that you do not forget. 

CAPRICORN Daily Work Horoscope March 19, 2023

Be assertive, Capricorn. As a workaholic, you tend to be more focused on forging ahead and your career path as opposed to spending time at home. However, your work-life balance will come to mind when Mercury enters Aries today. It might be time to focus more on being at home or spending time with family. You do not necessarily have to take time off of work to do so. Use Mercury’s confident, direct energy to be concise about what you want to prioritize in your schedule when talking about your work-life balance.

AQUARIUS Daily Work Horoscope March 19, 2023

Hold your horses, Aquarius! Jumping into the conversation will be more natural than standing back as Mercury enters forthright Aries today. The fiery Mercurial energy is just what you need to be more direct about your feedback, questions, or input in the work environment. You may come across as more assertive during this Mercurial transit, so you will need to be mindful of your tone, turf, and timing to avoid coming across as aggressive. Aside from this, Mercury in Aries could assist with sticking up for yourself if you need to enforce stronger boundaries with coworkers!

PISCES Daily Work Horoscope March 19, 2023

Open up about your values, Pisces. Be more direct about what you are looking for to feel stable and secure with your work life as Mercury enters Aries. It is not in your usual nature to be direct since you may prefer a passive approach over an assertive one. But if you want to make more money or feel better about your job security, then Mercury can help you open up the conversations that you may naturally struggle with. Doing so could bring more abundance into your life, such as a new professional opportunity that could come with a raise! 


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