Daily Horoscope Saturday – Dec 07, 2019

Daily Horoscope Saturday – Dec 07, 2019

Aries Daily Horoscope Saturday – Dec 07, 2019
Think for yourself and question authority. Pushes from others above you in the chain of command are not personal. Your ability to overcome is second to none. But occasionally, people say or do stupid things. Although you cant vouch for anyone else, you know yourself and you know your intentions. Gathering more information never hurts. As long as honesty is your guide, allow everyone the space to learn for themselves. Turn opportunities for growth into a commitment to success.

Taurus Daily Horoscope Saturday – Dec 07, 2019
Good news is on its way if you can wait. When you focus too much on one topic, you cant help but miss out on other events. Adopting a wider perspective is essential today. Someone may over overstep your boundaries or push your buttons, but their actions need not ruin your day. Surround yourself with beautiful things and sensual favorites. Pictures, flowers, music, or even your best clothing can flip your mood positive in a hurry. Changing your focus transforms your attitude.

Gemini Daily Horoscope Saturday – Dec 07, 2019
Adjusting to ever-evolving circumstances is your forte. From innocent misunderstandings to a clash of wills, youre able to correct almost any wrong. Shifting your point of view is a talent that enables you to see a situation from multiple positions. Thankfully, you can also choose to engage in interpersonal exchanges that focus on positive outcomes rather than negative confrontations. You may even be smooth enough to redirect a conversation without anyone noticing. Thoreau wrote, Things do not change, we do.

Cancer Daily Horoscope Saturday – Dec 07, 2019
You can choose to contribute to the noise or to ignore it. When people complain, they simply may be resisting change. Life is in constant motion, and following a routine is often how people cope. Your willingness to advise others is part of who you are. Watch how some folks will attempt to press issues that do not need pushing. Those who quote rules may lack true authority. Its okay to nod in agreement and wave off an argument. Drop the temptation to judge and switch the channel, instead. Dr. Joan Borysenko wrote, Every day brings a choice: to practice stress or to practice peace.

Leo Daily Horoscope Saturday – Dec 07, 2019
Turn your optimism into a game today. Play is just another form of teaching. Your laughter is captivating and contagious. People want what you have, even if they do not know exactly what it is or how to ask for it. Radiating charisma comes naturally for you, and isnt something that can be easily learned. Remaining humble in your heart allows you to mix and mingle without feeling the need to be the star of the show. Poet Rumi wrote, With life as short as a half-taken breath, dont plant anything but love.

Virgo Daily Horoscope Saturday – Dec 07, 2019
Nature gives you permission to turn off the technology. Creativity is, indeed, the spark of life. Step away from electronic devices that purport to make your day easier. Occams razor answers nearly every question with the simplest solution. Thankfully, returning to your roots seems like the most sensible way to find contentment today. Something as basic as deep breathing and stretching works wonders. When given a choice now, avoid anything that complicates your life. The absence of complexity leads to the presence of harmony.

Libra Daily Horoscope Saturday – Dec 07, 2019
An emotional balancing act is often necessary when dealing with others. Think about how you may allow people to influence your moods throughout the day as you exchange ideas and plans. An easy remedy is to take a brief time out every so often. This temporary break could be as simple as lunching alone or enjoying a quiet hour at home. Theres no harm in asking for a bit of space to settle your thoughts. Prior to making any big decisions, weighing each event without distraction enables you to maintain your current trajectory. Silence is golden.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Saturday – Dec 07, 2019
Healthy inspirations are all around you. You are probably willing to add new practices to your daily regimen if you think they can improve the quality of your life. But your best intentions might run into restrictions you cannot change. Nevertheless, you wont likely abandon a good idea just because its difficult to manifest now. Not only does your passion drive you to follow through with determination, it also attracts others to conspire with you to make your dreams come true. Author Carlos Wallace said, When you are tired, you rest. You don’t give up.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Saturday – Dec 07, 2019
Music makes the heart grow fonder. Curiosity is your instrument that helps turn a dirge into a beautiful symphony. You might appear as if you already have a plan in play, but secretly youre craving more information so you can dazzle everyone with your innovative creativity. Just remember that real genius is not about coming up with a brilliant idea; its about the blood, sweat, and tears required to produce a masterpiece. Jim Rohn wrote, Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Saturday – Dec 07, 2019
Ecological considerations echo more than just a concern about your environment. Your overall temperament is the result of many simultaneous factors. Whether youre talking about where you live or where you work, a clean space reduces stress. Sensible routines put belongings in their place. Workloads require prioritization. Schedules and changes must make sense for you to sleep well at night. Chief Seattle said, Whatever he does to the web of life, he does to himself.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Saturday – Dec 07, 2019
Your sixth sense awakens when you note your first impression. From sunrise to sunset, you analyze everything you encounter while contemplating whats to come. Wondering where to go and what to do next is a hallmark of the Aquarius mind. Youre not just planning; you are envisioning the future. Catching up on your rest is a smart idea today, since it gives you a clearer brain tomorrow. Listen to your intuition as your dreams whisper about the potential of the unknown.

Pisces Daily Horoscope Saturday – Dec 07, 2019
Taking charge coaxes out the very best in you today. Bring your wisdom forward with passionate conviction. Confidence is your selling point. Whether you wing it or truly believe in your message is inconsequential now. A painting is valuable in the eye of the beholder. Your greatest strength is built upon faith in your creative abilities, not on what you physically produce. You are an original work of art. Stand tall and carry a big heart.


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