Daily Horoscope Thursday – Jan 02, 2019

Daily Horoscope Thursday – Jan 02, 2019

Aries Daily Horoscope Thursday – Jan 02, 2019
Your attention to detail is what makes you stand out today. Your first impulse might be to present a majestic scheme for tying disparate work components together into a glorious whole. However, this ill-advised strategy may be the path of least resistance while granular Mercury aligns with grandiose Jupiter in your 10th House of Career. But if you show how a project can progress step by step, even if only in segments, from planning to production, youll likely score a nod of approval to move ahead. A methodical pace will propel you to your destination faster than you think.

Taurus Daily Horoscope Thursday – Jan 02, 2019
Choose depth over breadth with a subject you may study or ponder now. You probably want to poke, probe, and pursue more interests and curiosities than is possible in a single day. Perhaps you cram four books in your bag to read during your commute when in reality you only have time for one chapter. If you dont want to be stuck carrying extra baggage, lighten your load and any chances for distraction by focusing on whatever burns brightest in your heart. You will find plenty to fill your mind and your time when you happily concentrate on your priorities.

Gemini Daily Horoscope Thursday – Jan 02, 2019
Focus on the positive and watch what happens in your world. You might observe that a number of people in your social orbit are complaining. You could even be tempted to join in on their whining game. Instead, think about whats wonderful and working well in your life and in those around you. You dont need to remind anyone overtly; simply express your gratitude for them or exclaim joy about your own blessings. Author Robert Brault wrote, “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”

Cancer Daily Horoscope Thursday – Jan 02, 2019
A strong reaction to a relatively minor issue requires plenty of perspective and patience. Perhaps you need to console a friend who is upset over an insensitive interaction. Or you might be the one calling for a shoulder to cry on now. The passionate Aries Moon dynamically squares extravagant Jupiter, magnifying everyones emotions to the point of overwhelm. Its better to be thrown a lifesaver with support and sympathy than to be sternly told to swim swiftly when youre out of your depth. Thankfully, just the presence of a caring soul can be enough to land someone on solid ground again. It is reassuring to know you are not alone.

Leo Daily Horoscope Thursday – Jan 02, 2019
Your mind and the rest of your body might be moving at different speeds or even at cross-purposes today. Your thoughts can dart off in multiple directions at once, like an explosion of fireworks, while you run around trying to pick up the pieces. Unfortunately, some things are bound to fall by the wayside, if only because youre striving to keep up with yourself. The wisest course is to let your mind scattershot its ideas on paper first, then set your pace by listening to your internal clock. Harmony between the head and the heart produces less lost time and fewer wasted actions.

Virgo Daily Horoscope Thursday – Jan 02, 2019
Your threshold for boredom is low, yet your need for adventure is high. You may flutter between various projects and endeavors now, preferring not to be held down by anything for too long. Create a circuitous route out of any routine or you will swear that youre living in a rut. Just be sure you dont add too much to your rotation of responsibilities or you will end up starting a lot of chores but finishing few. Author Nik Halik wrote, If we commit ourselves to the successful completion of a task, then we personify excellence.

Libra Daily Horoscope Thursday – Jan 02, 2019
Time your meetings and create a strategic game plan for what you hope to achieve during them today. Theres no need to keep close tabs on casual or personal conversations once your schedule is clear. But if your day is jam-packed, keep an eye on the clock since the hours could slip by quickly while talkative Mercury hangs out with exaggerating Jupiter. Keep your notes handy since you or others can quickly veer off task and become overwhelmed by an array of useless details. Avoid unnecessary clutter by making your points simple and clear. A tight ship reaches its destination on time.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Thursday – Jan 02, 2019
A methodical approach is your best bet to demonstrate how accomplished you are in your area of expertise. However, be sure to show more than you tell, or you could appear more like a braggart than a pro — even if you really do know what youre talking about. Stay focused on what information is needed for the moment. Make your work more about the message you have to deliver than you as the messenger and youll be properly appreciated. Humility is your badge of honor.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Thursday – Jan 02, 2019
Carefully keeping track of your money and possessions today saves time. As you go through your day, pay attention to where you place important items, like your keys or phone. You might easily misplace them as you can become distracted by other activities or concerns that draw your focus. Similarly, be mindful when youre at the counter or online because you could overspend with your purchases or even drop cash out of your pocket in person. The more youre aware of whats happening in each and every moment, the more you gain and the less you lose.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Thursday – Jan 02, 2019
Your growing optimism and high level of confidence empower you to get the job done today. Youre likely in good spirits, making you more receptive to appreciating fortunate breaks as they surface. Maintaining a happy-go-lucky attitude is key since its your openness that facilitates your work and play without pressure. Nevertheless, the moment you switch your attention on anxiously achieving more, the stress will likely slow you down. Free yourself from expectations for big beginnings or endings. A grateful mind is a powerful mind. Author Sharon Salzberg wrote, Thats life: starting over, one breath at a time.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Thursday – Jan 02, 2019
Youre inclined to display your goodwill and humanitarianism through charitable services today. You may even be willing to go the extra-mile for a total stranger. Your heart might overflow with compassion for someones difficulty, leading you to ignore your own priorities or needs. Be aware of when you start to go overboard with expressions of your benevolence. You dont need to prove your goodness to anyone. Generosity is its own reward. Author Mark Twain wrote, Be virtuous and you will be eccentric.

Pisces Daily Horoscope Thursday – Jan 02, 2019
Lively and informative communication becomes the hallmark of your interactions with everyone you encounter today. Carve out enough space in your schedule for making social connections if you can. Otherwise, watch the clock as you talk since you all could lose track of time. Also, be sure to listen since the expressive Aries Moon might press you to speak too fast or too loud. Theres as much to learn as there is to teach, so ponder whats said more than thinking about what youll say next. If you want to truly get to know someone, be quiet at least part of the time.


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