Daily Horoscope Thursday – July 25, 2019

Daily Horoscope Thursday – July 25, 2019

Aries Daily Horoscope Thursday – July 25, 2019
Financial surprises could be in store today. Being aware of the volatility can help you stay on top of the wave and not under it. Avoid the temptation to invest in big-ticket items while mischievous Mercury is still in retrograde motion. Spending more than you should only leads to regret. Focus on repurposing items you already own, instead. Although this thrifty solution can’t last forever, it buys you time to make a smarter decision down the road. Hesitation is wise when your money is on the line.

Taurus Daily Horoscope Thursday – July 25, 2019
You become the harbinger of sudden change. Spontaneity descends upon you like a colorful cloak. You might not even recognize yourself with this new verve. A dynamic energy stirs in your domestic life as well. Your sense of stability is rocked by new developments, and you may be trying to stay one step ahead of the curve. Before you do anything drastic, take a few breaths and reflect on your current surroundings. Actress Mary Astor said, Our security must be threatened in order for us to appreciate it.

Gemini Daily Horoscope Thursday – July 25, 2019
Heated conversations that may or may not directly involve you erupt all over the place today. You overhear some amazing exchanges that pique your curiosity while other debates raise your shackles. However, your desire to interject could overtake you, so make sure you truly want to get involved before you speak. Practice the art of leaving well enough alone or you might find yourself in over your head. If you must leap into the drama, remember the words of Pythagoras: A fool is known by his speech; and a wise man by silence.

Cancer Daily Horoscope Thursday – July 25, 2019
You feel a fear of missing out today. Its nearly impossible to focus on work when your friends appear to be having more fun than you. You may also be equally duty-bound and unable to break free from your obligations to join your pals. If you choose to rebel, the threat of leaving tasks undone, and even money on the table, looms over your conscience. This situation is a test of your values and calls for a healthy dose of self-discipline. Thankfully, the stars guarantee that this moment will pass. Only you can know what is right for you.

Leo Daily Horoscope Thursday – July 25, 2019
Its as if the flashbulbs of paparazzi are trailing you wherever you go now. Even if you are not actually under the lens, you may feel like you are under relentless scrutiny. Your drive to express yourself is irrepressible and could quickly turn to anger if public interest starts to hinder your focus on your personal projects. As much as you thrive on attention, you also enjoy being left to your own devices without any surveillance. Nevertheless, you might need to postpone your private time for another day. Author Amy Tan wrote, If you cant change your fate, change your attitude.

Virgo Daily Horoscope Thursday – July 25, 2019
A brainstorm blankets you today. The flurry of ideas swirling in your mind is invigorating, but it also kicks up old, unprocessed feelings that you thought were buried out of sight. Letting them simmer only serves to further irritate you. The remedy is uncovered by actively digging into your past and identifying the root causes. Once you find the source of these disruptive memories, you can start transforming them into harmless facts of your past. Your sense of humor helps you put everything into proper perspective. Laughter heals like nothing else.

Libra Daily Horoscope Thursday – July 25, 2019
You morph into a superhero when demonstrating your capability to achieve your ambitious goals. Your urge to excel fuels you to reach out and help people around you as well. Your list of contacts grows by leaps and bounds now, but watch for any preexisting political fault lines. Also, your conversations sound bigger and bolder today, so be mindful of your booming voice. Nevertheless, your positive input is a boon for all involved. Author James Humes wrote, The art of communication is the language of leadership.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Thursday – July 25, 2019
Get ready for the boat to rock today even if the waters are calm. Although people may appear rowdy and rebellious, you need to stay intensely focused on your work. Any interruptions serve to galvanize you to ignore others and forge ahead with your plans. You have extra wind in your own sails now and dont want to lose it to an involuntary change in direction. Your determination carries countless seeds of promise, as well as financial benefit. Success is yours if you remain uncompromising and resolute.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Thursday – July 25, 2019
Exaggeration inflates tempers and your tendency to hyperbole finds its limit. People are poised with pins to burst your big balloon. Others want a dose of realness to know that you can also be down to earth. Unfortunately, you may feel blindsided when your efforts to amplify your stories fail to produce the usual feel-good effects now. You might even accuse any attempt to thwart your intentions as its own form of audacity. Thankfully, when you consider things from all angles, the common denominator is care. Mutual concern reunites you if youre willing to embrace the truth.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Thursday – July 25, 2019
Defenses are at a high point and an irritation could flare up between you and an associate with whom you are collaborating. However, the path forward diverges for both of you. You may choose to find an agreement or pursue your work separately. No neat answers are on the table now. You might delay making any firm decisions today, unless you are clear on which route works for you. Nevertheless, the situation feels like a gamble. Flex your expertise in taking calculated risks. Lewis Carroll wrote, In the end, we only regret the chances we didnt take.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Thursday – July 25, 2019
Intrusions on your peace may disturb your inner equilibrium as your closest relationships lay claim to your attention today. If you want to remain in your own bubble, let people know that you are concentrating on your personal pursuits now and therefore your space is temporarily off limits. Sharing your status could prevent spats from breaking out that take even more time to quell. Conserve your energy so you can let your thoughts congeal. With the right mixture of solitude and rest, you’re able to make measurable headway on your goals. Shakespeare wrote, This above all, to thine own self be true.

Pisces Daily Horoscope Thursday – July 25, 2019
You might behave like a steamroller on the job today. You assume a lot of responsibility and accomplish an impressive amount of work. Your peers start to take notice and may be considering how to reward you for your ambitious efforts. In your laser focus, you could run the risk of blurting out an inappropriate secret. Stay mindful of what you say because you never know who is listening. But speak up if you have cutting-edge news to deliver. Disrupting existing conditions injects fresh life into your environment. William Arthur Ward wrote, Enthusiasm is the match that lights the candle of achievement.


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