Daily Horoscope Thursday – Oct 03, 2019

Daily Horoscope Thursday – Oct 03, 2019

Aries Daily Horoscope Thursday – Oct 03, 2019
You are virtually unstoppable when you are working with awareness of exactly where you are and as you are in this moment. Your favorite results are those obtained on your own, whether by rising to a challenge or persistently forging ahead even when maneuvering through a flak of naysaying from those who underestimate you. Material rewards come along with the advancement of your ambitious agenda and so does a growing sense of mastery. Only you know all the trials and tribulations it took to get you here, and you deserve to be proud.

Taurus Daily Horoscope Thursday – Oct 03, 2019
Memories of a picture-perfect day or idyllic vacation spot stir a mighty craving for travel today. Daydreams drift to the fascinating places beckoning you to explore, the beaches calling you to bask in their sunshine, or the faraway loved ones inviting you to visit. Happily, others share your wanderlust — and a savvy companion might even know of a super-exciting deal on transportation or accommodations. Visualizing a future trip exactly as you hope it will be is the first step to embarking on a journey of a lifetime.

Gemini Daily Horoscope Thursday – Oct 03, 2019
Discretion comes in handy when communication is complicated. Although you are known to be a captivating conversationalist, you prefer not to have every aspect of your personal life to be public knowledge today. Fortunately, you know which friends and loved ones can always be relied upon to protect your privacy as they would their own. If preoccupied with a sensitive matter, reach out to an ally you can count on or hold a mirror up to your heart to see things in perspective. Processing your experiences is a healthy part of growth. Aristotle said, Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.

Cancer Daily Horoscope Thursday – Oct 03, 2019
Something exceedingly interesting, maybe even tantalizing, happens when an emotionally protective wall comes down today. Whether it is one of your own defensive veils that temporarily drops or that of a dear one, a lot of what is glimpsed or shared during these vulnerable moments can be truly transformative. Accept an unguarded exchange on its own terms now, without placing big expectations upon it. There is healing power in authenticity. Appreciate the opportunity to see and be seen.

Leo Daily Horoscope Thursday – Oct 03, 2019
A confused and winding labyrinth when viewed through a different lens may be revealed to be a straight and narrow road that leads directly to your goal. Streamline your thinking and the course ahead becomes less dizzying. Something someone casually says or a random thought that pops into your mind when least expected might flip the mental light switch that illuminates an easy solution. The cure for over-complication can be to simplify. Frank Zappa said, A mind is like a parachute, it doesnt work if it isnt open.

Virgo Daily Horoscope Thursday – Oct 03, 2019
Your enthusiasm could sweep you off your feet today. Any sensation of writers block, creative stagnation, or dam of boredom seems ready to burst. Be prepared, because the resultant surge of passionate energy can be powerful enough to fuel nearly any project from beginning to completion. Have the tools of your trade handy to make the most of the rush of inventiveness as it flows. Your best work is done when youre in love with what youre doing. Joseph Campbell wrote, Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.

Libra Daily Horoscope Thursday – Oct 03, 2019
An undercurrent of goodwill can turn an everyday situation from drab to vivacious today. Let the understated ways that friends step up to bat for friends or loved ones go the extra mile for each other reinforce your gratitude for the circle of devotion that exists in your life. Whether someones circumstances are like your own or lightyears apart, there is always something helpful you can do to brighten their world. Put big affection into even the smallest act of kindness, and trust that it matters — because it does.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Thursday – Oct 03, 2019
The unseen and the unknown can be as important as what is easily accessible. The hidden layer beneath the surface — the intangible that some call the mystical or the supernatural — holds treasures worth digging for today. Invisible energy vibrates with enough intensity to spark the imagination of even the biggest skeptic. Keep a record of your dreams to glean useful wisdom. Extrasensory perception comes alive when the ego is quiet in sleep or in meditation. Take a walk on the intuitive side of the street.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Thursday – Oct 03, 2019
The fluctuation from feast to famine and back again gives you a chance to demonstrate your adaptability today. The combination of faith and a hearty appetite for adventure keeps you in the drivers seat regardless of what shifts around you. By staying calm and powering on, you can set a terrific example thats appreciated by those in your sphere. Dont be shocked if you learn that your influence extends far beyond what you suppose are its boundaries. A bright star casts a brilliant glow.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Thursday – Oct 03, 2019
Serve body, mind, and soul a healthy diet today. Your senses are alive when you are well rested, intellectually stimulated, and working with purpose. Little room is left for self-doubt to enter the picture when you are in tune with your actions. And theres no such thing as failure if you are committed to learning with every breath you take. Let your behavior reflect your values and in addition to yourself, others will benefit, too. Set a nourishing intention and then do what you must to honor it.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Thursday – Oct 03, 2019
Self-expression is a means of both liberation and healing. A mingling of elements creates something new and different today, especially when decorating, cooking, or making art. Your eclectic tastes range from the ancient and mysterious, to whats modern and cutting edge, and everything in between. Believe in yourself and there is nothing to prevent you from coming up with a rarefied creation that is uniquely your own. It is by galloping like a wild horse that inhibition can be overcome.

Pisces Daily Horoscope Thursday – Oct 03, 2019
Luck is on your side and you might be the first to catch wind of a new solution to a problem that was recently put on hold. But pushing for too much progress too soon can be counterproductive now. Its better to keep your feet on the ground and exercise patience as wheels slowly turn, especially if layers of management or bureaucracy are involved. Thankfully, you can refamiliarize yourself with what improvements still need to be made while you wait. Stand ready as an able advocate for a good cause. Gentle persistence is a formidable weapon.


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