Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Aug 13, 2019

Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Aug 13, 2019

Aries Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Aug 13, 2019
Your solutions are revolutionary now. The energy is open and pathways for action appear as you assume leadership with the spirit of excellence. However, balance is necessary when dealing with others; be steadfast in your approach while remaining non-resistant. Dissolve the self-defeating patterns which are masks for deeper insecurities. You can step boldly forward as an influencer without compromising your ideals. To think for the future is to embody love; allow your guilt to fall away. What you innovate today is what the world will clamor for tomorrow.

Taurus Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Aug 13, 2019
Lighten up and enjoy the gift of life. You carry an air of authority with tight emotional control. You provide stability as an adept organizer, but may come off somewhat steely in your approach. Be dignified but breezy as you provide professional guidance for your spheres of influence. It is humble and not arrogant to know the innate gifts you bring to the table, but try not to take yourself so seriously. Structure is what creates freedom, so trust that your offerings will liberate. The answer is in your attitude, so let it shift to adapt to your surroundings. Joy is the simplest form of gratitude.

Gemini Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Aug 13, 2019
Trust the impulse of your innovative ideas today. The restless electricity in the air courses through your higher mind, making you a perfect channel for fresh insights. Cut through any doubt or uncertainty and heed your intuitive downloads. Your knack for coming up with clever answers to whatever problem you face is beneficial for yourself and others. Indulge in your insatiable curiosity and make your visions real by enlisting your friends in your newly conceived plans. Your imagination is your playground; creativity is always calling you to play.

Cancer Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Aug 13, 2019
Practice the fine relational art of diplomacy today. With an emphasis on togetherness, your ability to partner with others is your holy grail. Your dedication to peace attracts and supports relationships of all kinds. In the face of indecision, you can pause before making a binding agreement. Work your conflict negotiation skills, acknowledge the value of the process, and honor the deeper beauty of whatever is in front of you. What can be accomplished together has no limits, so the journey begins. Poet C.C. Aurel wrote, Some will open your heart, others will open your eyes.

Leo Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Aug 13, 2019
True power comes from deliberate self-generation. Your efficiency is the result of declaring a new possibility of who you are called to be in the world, beyond the mundane tasks of what you feel you need to do. When tempted to self-indulge today, jump back into service and think of fresh ways to contribute value. Your creative instincts, intuitive intelligence, and magnanimous confidence empower you to work harmoniously within your environment for the highest good. The distance between dreams and reality is called action.

Virgo Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Aug 13, 2019
Your warm generosity acts as social currency today. Your abundance multiplies when you share your blessings with people you enjoy being around. Step onto the stage of life with confidence and be pristine in your expression. If someone challenges your dignity, brush aside the contention. Criticism is a subjective business, so interpret all data from a heart space before reacting in a way you might regret. Be unconcerned with obstacles now by acknowledging them as opportunities to see your world in an entirely different light. General Colin Powell said, Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.

Libra Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Aug 13, 2019
Clear the slate and be free to create whatever your imagination envisions. Examine your current emotional baggage with an objective eye today. You need not explain yourself to anyone, but you must lighten your load if you want to move on. Ironically, you may discover your burdens arent even yours. Toughness and invulnerability are defense mechanisms forged in early childhood. Come back to basics, recognize the programming, and set yourself free. See how your mind can focus, rise above fatigue, and heal your heart. Channel your empathy into constructive action.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Aug 13, 2019
Create a future that is free from the past. A fresh spark of communicative energy jumpstarts your enthusiasm, allowing you to make considerable impact on the people around you. Embrace your quick wit and lively mind; your current ability to be considerably versatile is impressive. Make generous assumptions and think highly of those with whom you interact today. Theres nothing for which you must be vengeful; defense is always a cloak for attack. Attune to the universal mind and remember your true essence. There is spiritual vision and physical sight; the latter dissolves as the former sees light.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Aug 13, 2019
Network communication is your forte. Theres a strong need to grow your knowledge base as your mental faculties are amplified. Amid the excitement of possibility, its easy to throw caution to the wind and get caught up in the rush. However, you might not be able to fulfill all of your obligations or promises, so be slow to commit to anything binding until you have more information. Dedicate yourself to spiritual attunement and focus your efforts on something of substance today. A healed mind radiates health and dissolves confusion. Peace is your divine birthright; be vigilant for illusions.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Aug 13, 2019
Shifting from an outer to an inner-directed focus opens the door to surprising possibilities. Illuminating what is deep within you and offering it to others proves advantageous in unexpected ways. You possess the strength to create fresh avenues for abundant resources. Channeling your enthusiasm brightens your path as you embark on new adventures. Who you are speaks louder than words; your actions reflect your righteous intentions. Take your allies along on this colorful ride and trust yourself as a conduit of innovation. Real ideas increase when given away. Musician Peter Gabriel said, Surround yourself with brilliance.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Aug 13, 2019
Be crystal clear about your goals before you say a word to anyone else. Your solar consciousness is infused with a new dimension of emotionality today, fueling your passion for altruistic pursuits. However, your strong inclination for independence can isolate you from the very humanity you strive to serve. Exercise or meditate to discharge the buildup of static energy that accumulates in your physical body. Get clear on your baseline needs now, and share them with those closest to you; you may be surprised at how willing others are to offer support. William Shakespeare wrote, No legacy is so rich as honesty.

Pisces Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Aug 13, 2019
Common sense is cultivated from the inside out. A fountain of compassion and empathy can lead to gullibility or naivete now, so frequent grounding is imperative to stay centered. Establishing strong boundaries enables you to become more self-contained. Clarify your vision and embrace your love for all things divine. Your capacity for deep emotional sharing is a profound contribution to the people you love. However, the ego might try to distract you with doubts and questions. Focus on the facts without denying your intuitions reliability. Your heart knows things that your head cant explain.


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