Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Jan 07, 2019

Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Jan 07, 2019

Aries Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Jan 07, 2019
Your visionary eye and imaginative talents are called on to carry the day at work. Youre more geared up for brainstorming than barnstorming while the forceful Suns sextile to gauzy Neptune hazes your gaze and gumption. However, you can also be quickly distracted. A gentle focus makes it effortless to entertain multiple options without harshly judging any of them. Set your intuition free and you might be amazed by how much inspiration you generate. Confucius said, Everything has its beauty but not everyone can see it.

Taurus Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Jan 07, 2019
Be wary of anyone trying to sell you a bill of goods today. Although their words are not necessarily dishonest, they may be misleading. Its tempting to listen to anyone who entices you with pie-in-the-sky optimism, but the best-case scenario is not the one that will likely play out now. Give yourself time to consider all the possibilities, for this constructive pause could save you from taking an unproductive detour. Dr. Viktor E. Frankl wrote, Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

Gemini Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Jan 07, 2019
Settling into the business of the day might take extra time and effort. Resist the impulse to blame anyone or anything if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed today; you are the one responsible for your own frame of mind. Thankfully, you can change the altitude of your attitude by getting your body in motion with a healthy dose of brisk exercise. Shuffling your priorities improves your mood. Take effective action without excess. Be quick without being abrupt, and decisive without being rash.

Cancer Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Jan 07, 2019
Your choices determine your priorities. Consider all the possible angles before initiating action, especially if youre contemplating a big move like a change of career. However, you could waste precious time in endless analysis. Instead, direct your energy toward simple and concrete efforts to manifest bigger dreams. Resist the temptation to engage in petty arguments that will only distract and drain you. Where you put your focus makes all the difference in the world. Richard Carlson wrote, Dont sweat the small stuff.

Leo Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Jan 07, 2019
A simple gesture of kindness can touch hearts and change minds. In fact, your thoughtful behavior might have an amazing effect on someone down on their luck today. Start with asking what they want, rather than assuming that you already know what is needed to make a difference. Its possible that a small but meaningful act — something as modest as a supportive word or a hug — will be enough of a catalyst to shift the energy. But altruism is only half the solution; loving yourself is essential for your compassion to bloom to its full potential. Be generous with your love.

Virgo Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Jan 07, 2019
Claiming the higher ground during a conflict is not just for show. Its about having enough self-respect to overcome minor differences or insignificant details when more important matters loom on the horizon. Find the wisdom to know when and what to fight. Choosing your battles wisely ensures compromise and collaboration are possible options. Dont walk away during an argument to appear like the better person when you can stick around to steer the conversation toward an objective that inspires and improves both of you. Lifting others up gives you wings to soar.

Libra Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Jan 07, 2019
Sharpening your words empowers you to express your points better. You might take a passionate stance on an issue dear to your heart today. If youre earnestly striving to persuade others toward a view that you feel is just and right, you may need to mold your message into one thats more palatable. However, if youre defending an important boundary, your solid delivery is likely to get your point across without any room for doubt. Ultimately, the outcome of your mission depends upon your underlying purpose. Integrity is your saving grace.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Jan 07, 2019
Practicing patience is a proactive measure to protect your position. Skirmishes over resources might erupt with nearly anyone you come in contact with today. However, youre more likely contending with misunderstandings than attempts at outright theft or intentional deceit. Much of your personal worth and sense of power can become tied up in your beliefs about money. Its easy to skew your perceptions if you rush to conclusions. Be slow to judgment and confident that you will land upon a peaceful and positive resolution. For a change, time is on your side.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Jan 07, 2019
A good defense is rarely a better offense, especially in the relationship realms. Practicing one-upmanship is unlikely to turn out well today. Overplaying your hand might escalate tempers, even if you are only being playful. Direct your energy toward a physically demanding activity. When you bottle up your emotions, your frustration can trigger needless spats with people who are on your side of the field.There is no need to be insecure about your own abilities when you can choose to be more open about your feelings, instead. Vulnerability gives you a winning edge.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Jan 07, 2019
Exercising extreme flexibility keeps you on schedule today. It might feel good to blow off steam at someone you hold responsible for derailing your plans. But this short-lived relief wont do much for salvaging your day or strengthening your relationship with your current nemesis. Instead, channel your energy into seizing the best opportunities for the day. You have plenty of options while the Moon is visiting pliable Gemini; however, you must be mindful enough to quickly assess which is the right one for you. Carl Jung wrote, The capacity for inner dialogue is a touchstone for outer objectivity.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Jan 07, 2019
The pursuit of fun is a noble cause today. Youre looking for amusement with more edge to it, whether its engaging in competition or reaching for higher stakes. Perhaps youre especially excited about what you can accomplish with a team of colleagues or friends along for the ride. If there is a clear goal in sight, anything is achievable. Yet, if theres more fervor than focus, there can be too many vying agendas within a group and not enough open, well-defined communication. Dazzling others with your exemplary diplomacy skills stops random pettiness in its tracks. Harmony is music to your ears.

Pisces Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Jan 07, 2019
Make a joyful noise today or claim your right to be silent. You might think the squeaky wheel gets the grease, but too much whining can backfire now. You may come off as entitled and petulant if you grumble too much or complain without specificity. Your anger needs direction and sharp aim. However, the goal isnt just to make the squealing stop, but to actually propel you into motion. Develop an ambitious strategy and then act on it. Ironically, youre more defined by the moments when you dont get what you want than by when you do. Neale Donald Walsch wrote, The struggle ends when the gratitude begins.


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