Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Nov 26, 2019

Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Nov 26, 2019

Aries Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Nov 26, 2019
Healing comes from giving to others. Its all about karma. The Sagittarius New Moon energizes your 9th House of Expansion, opening your mind to new ideas and philosophies. However, this wider perspective does not mean youre leaving your old ways behind. You are adding to what you already know. Travel can enhance your body of knowledge, so take a drive or a walk, and go farther than your own backyard. Reach beyond your current friends and embrace whatever is outside your comfort zone. Learning is contagious.

Taurus Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Nov 26, 2019
Keep in mind that whatever was important yesterday may be less relevant today. Rest easy while youre still in familiar territory because exciting ventures are approaching the horizon. The Sagittarius New Moon falls in your 8th House of Transformation, delivering on unfulfilled promises and revealing unexplored methods to recover from old ills. Borrow from what was known in the past but be ready to leave behind the forgotten. New ideas require new reason. Abraham Lincoln said, The best way to predict your future is to create it.

Gemini Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Nov 26, 2019
Confrontations may be easier to manage than you expect. The Sagittarius New Moon activates your 7th House of Others, prompting you to indiscriminately accept the feedback you receive today, even if it is on the side of negativity. Stop listening to naysayers who only promote fear, especially from sources of questionable character. Knowledge reflects upon what it hears and adds to whats in your heart. You benefit from listening within when you are uncertain of who to trust. Rely on your inner compass most of all. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, Live the day. Hatred paralyzes life and love releases it.

Cancer Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Nov 26, 2019
Powerful signs of change wont let you slip into denial. Nevertheless, challenges at work require you to stretch beyond what is familiar. Your higher mind acknowledges the significant shifts taking place now. However, you still may be reluctant to sacrifice your known daily routine even though the Sagittarius New Moon is busy mobilizing your 6th House of Details. Dont let apathy or a self-defeating pattern prevent you from actualizing your potential. Work to restore your healthiest habits; you know what is needed to perform at your optimal best. Life is a matter of balance.

Leo Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Nov 26, 2019
Outdoor recreation is often lost upon the young. Social media and computer games can foster interaction with people from across the globe, but it isnt healthy to remain plugged in all the time. The Sagittarius New Moon invigorates your 5th House of Entertainment, encouraging you to consider the role of diversion in your life. Reclaim your physical energy, get outside, and enjoy nature. Move beyond the cultural definition of fun and invent your own amusements and distractions. Author Joseph Chilton Pearce wrote, Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold.

Virgo Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Nov 26, 2019
Stop praising the voices of people you dont know over your own. Interactions at home are trying to teach you valuable lessons as the Sagittarius New Moon empowers your 4th House of Emotional Roots. Although few can compete with your reason, the real lessons of the day are found in your feelings. Instead of jumping for joy in your logical victory, reach beyond ego and receive other points of view. Challenges arrive from ancient relics of your past embarrassments until you let them go. Release the old guilt and embrace the new day. Tev Aliage wrote, The journey is inevitable. Baggage optional.

Libra Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Nov 26, 2019
Invaders of your thoughts come from within. Dont hold onto the belief in negative entities that are harmful to the psyche. Take charge of your reign in bliss. You have the power to turn nearly any conversation into a positive one while the inspirational Sagittarius New Moon emphasizes your 3rd House of Communication. Pay close attention to the words that come out of your mouth. Your messages of peace, love, and understanding can relieve the worries of those who interact with you. Choose optimism over pessimism whenever possible.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Nov 26, 2019
Your exploratory dives into what you crave reveal your inner self. Your integrity may extend deeper than the reach of others; your willingness to share your thinking can fascinate your companions or scare them away. However, you neednt worry about anyones reactions to your principles while the outgoing Sagittarius New Moon reflects your 2nd House of Values. Let go of the past. Be bold and extend your awareness away from the center of your certainty. Expression and experience are your true teachers.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Nov 26, 2019
Exploration beyond your farthest vision may breed criticism from people who think they know you. Nevertheless, you are driven to promote your agenda and explain your intentions while the aspirational Sagittarius New Moon animates your 1st House of Self. Move past your old worries and fantasize about where your new direction lies. Dreams from the night reveal how to proceed in the day. Learning the messages of your own subconscious enables you to understand what your eyes truly see. The future is as bright as your faith.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Nov 26, 2019
You are likely more intuitive than anyone realizes. But you might refrain from sharing your insights since your ego argues against following the weird relevance of instincts. Nevertheless, the Sagittarius New Moon rattles your 12th House of Spirituality, reminding you to wander beyond the familiar three-dimensional world. Push through your discomfort until you break on through to the metaphysical realms. Think of your inward journey as an adventure. Listen to what your soul says. Your imagination opens new doors to your future.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Nov 26, 2019
Fortune follows many masters. Profound thoughts come from moments of contemplation and remembrance today. Be mindful of images and blissful ideas from the past, for they also foretell your future. Be on the lookout for new opportunities that come to you through your friends and associates while the Sagittarius New Moon sparks your 11th House of Social Networks. The potential of unexplored possibilities is apparent when you are connected with the sleepy worlds inside your imagination. Good news arrives whether you think it will or not. Refuse to block the unexpected. Dreams are the fuel of creation.

Pisces Daily Horoscope Tuesday – Nov 26, 2019
Your ideas are more valuable than gold today, especially if you think in terms of possibilities rather than certainties. Theres no reason to limit yourself by projecting outcomes; be buoyant in your opinions and share them freely with others. Thankfully, the Sagittarius New Moon reinforces your 10th House of Career, motivating you to put the power of positive thinking to good use. Unfortunately, some people cant expand their minds enough to engage your vision. Dont let anyone elses narrow perspective negatively impact your aspirations for the future. Never let fear decide your fate.


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