Daily Horoscope Wednesday – July 31, 2019

Daily Horoscope Wednesday – July 31, 2019

Aries Daily Horoscope Wednesday – July 31, 2019
Your creative fire burns brightly. The demonstrative Leo New Moon illuminates your 5th House of Love and Play, turning your imagination into a colorful field of possibilities. However, unanticipated costs may creep in without you knowing it as you indulge in your latest flights of fancy. Informative Mercury finally moves direct, allowing you to get to the bottom of recent issues close to home. Stay true to your instincts and let your inner visionary take the wheel. What you invent enlivens you and those around you.

Taurus Daily Horoscope Wednesday – July 31, 2019
Focus on your definitions of belonging and kinship today. A cozy cave means everything while the proud Leo New Moon spotlights your 4th House of Home and Family. What is going right in your domestic world and where do you need to press the reset button? Thankfully, any confusion in communication begins to clear up as messenger Mercury ends its retrograde period. Clarify your position so that everyone in your biological or chosen family knows where you stand. By sharing your heart, you can feel the peace unfold around you.

Gemini Daily Horoscope Wednesday – July 31, 2019
The lure of the unknown is impossible to resist. A generous Leo New Moon pops into your 3rd House of Distractions, giving you plenty to explore. A thousand-and-one pleasurable novelties cross your path today and it might be tough to choose what to focus on. Fortunately, you’re able to start sorting through all the information now that analytical Mercury is finally moving forward. Make wise choices about what to add to your arsenal of facts and what you can safely let pass. Revel in the joy your curiosity brings.

Cancer Daily Horoscope Wednesday – July 31, 2019
What you focus on grows. The noble Leo New Moon sheds light on your 2nd House of Personal Resources, prompting you to track what you provide and what you keep in reserve. If your needs are not fulfilled, you cannot expect to tirelessly serve others for very long. Recalibrate your intake and outflow so that you are not depleting yourself. Fortunately, confusion lifts and clarity returns as cerebral Mercury finally turns direct. Once you know what you need, you can ask for it. Miracles happen when your words align with your intentions.

Leo Daily Horoscope Wednesday – July 31, 2019
You can really turn heads today. The vital New Moon in your sign offers you a chance to bask in the limelight, refresh your look, and be the talk of the town. Meanwhile, Mercury shifts into forward motion, unleashing a bevy of ideas from your subconscious that were previously securely stored away. Incorporate some of your best thoughts into your new approach to the world. As a result, you might become the object of other peoples attention as your reputation suddenly grows. Step into the bright future you imagine.

Virgo Daily Horoscope Wednesday – July 31, 2019
What is concealed is eventually revealed. The boastful Leo New Moon targets your 12th House of Secrets, uncovering facts where you least expect to find them. Close confidants may finally let you in on something that rocks your world. Alternatively, you might be ready to see an inconvenient truth you were not quite ready to acknowledge before. You gain new insight on the stories that guide your life as clever Mercury completes its retrograde phase. Heres your chance to wipe your personal hard drive and start with a clean slate. Transparency cultivates transformation.

Libra Daily Horoscope Wednesday – July 31, 2019
Your social scene erupts with new life. Pleasant encounters pave the way and new connections provide endless inspiration. The creative Leo New Moon activates your 11th House of Hopes and Wishes, inviting you to strategize how to manifest your dreams. Articulating your goals and successfully embarking on a refined plan becomes possible now that intelligent Mercury shifts into direct motion. Take advantage of any unexpected support you receive to help guide you to your desired destination. Declaring your heartfelt intentions wins you allies.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Wednesday – July 31, 2019
You stand to reap rewards in your chosen line of work. The authoritative Leo New Moon electrifies your 10th House of Profession, launching your public profile to new heights. Interactive Mercury also points in a forward direction again, lending momentum to your upward journey. While you usually stay silent about your future plans, it could be useful to let someone in on the action now. The backing you receive allows you to blossom like never before. When you share success, it grows.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Wednesday – July 31, 2019
Adventure is your real middle name. When the heroic Leo New Moon stimulates your 9th House of Future Vision, your inventiveness shifts into high gear. Step back and consider what geographical territories or fields of study you havent yet conquered. Wherever you go next, you aim to be ahead of the pack. However, making waves might stir up unwanted material from the depths or turn others green with envy. Thankfully, you can calmly state your position and assuage the fears of anyone who feels threatened now that communicator Mercury is moving direct again. Your enthusiasm gives you wings.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Wednesday – July 31, 2019
Building an empire takes serious time and copious elbow grease. The loyal Leo New Moon strikes your 8th House of Investments, sending you on a mission to review and renew your existing commitments. You are ready to initiate some long overdue conversations with key people now that talkative Mercury is turning direct again. Nevertheless, you still might hold your cards close to the chest if youre uncertain of who is on your team. Trust your intuition to steer you in the right direction.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Wednesday – July 31, 2019
Your one-on-one connections take center stage. The affectionate Leo New Moon recharges your 7th House of Partnerships, encouraging you to reexamine what you desire in your personal and professional relationships to determine whether or not your needs are being met now. Keep your eyes peeled for new collaborators or for ways to update long-standing contracts. Outspoken Mercury finally goes direct, allowing you to make solid strides in any efforts to succeed. Keep each hand on the line and sail your way to victory.

Pisces Daily Horoscope Wednesday – July 31, 2019
Your heart is a muscle and you like to stretch it. Although you genuinely enjoy assisting those in trouble, sometimes your compassion can be taken to an extreme. Its easy to forget to tend to your own needs when dedicating yourself to a cause. Find a middle ground between helping out and being helped yourself while the self-directed Leo New Moon enlightens your 6th House of Service. Fortunately, you can breathe new life into your pursuit of leisure as Mercury moves direct. Take some of the pressure off and relax. Entrepreneur Lisa Sugar wrote, You have to balance your passions, not your time.


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