Daily Horoscope Wednesday – Nov 27, 2019

Daily Horoscope Wednesday – Nov 27, 2019

Aries Daily Horoscope Wednesday – Nov 27, 2019
You might believe that everything will fall into place just as you imagine it today. However, you wont likely achieve the results you seek unless youre willing to put in extra effort. If you think too many hours are being spent under stress, use your powers of observation and discrimination to locate the source of the discomfort and what you can do to alleviate it. It always makes sense to get some sunshine and fresh air when possible. But keeping an open mind is essential. Your receptivity to new ideas encourages brilliant thinking.

Taurus Daily Horoscope Wednesday – Nov 27, 2019
Interesting developments in a business or personal relationship can bring some unusual surprises today. Although you could be tempted to resist change at first, practicing flexibility might be your most certain path to getting things back on track. Whether you receive an unusual phone call or experience a confusing exchange with a friend, you may never know the evolution of an otherwise mundane event. In any case, embrace the unknown as if you are on an adventure. Beyond your front door is another world.

Gemini Daily Horoscope Wednesday – Nov 27, 2019
You are at your shiny best when you see a variety of options in front of you. Although you like being distracted by multitudes of ideas and imaginings, sometimes there are too many to process in one sitting. Your plans are most often met with reverie and wonder. But your current suggestions or inventions could attract mirth and mockery today, leaving your ego temporarily shaken. Entertain all criticism and debate without making yourself the enemy. Something new is coming your way. Gladly receive all feedback, even the bits you dont understand. Amazement often follows confusion when youre willing to read between the lines.

Cancer Daily Horoscope Wednesday – Nov 27, 2019
However full of beauty and wonder your imagination might be today, dont fall into the trap of mixing fact with fancy. Its all too easy to assume your fantasies are revealing a potential outcome of a developing situation at work. Nevertheless, stepping into the mystical realms can be a journey of growth as long as you keep one foot grounded in reality. Expecting one outcome and getting another is disappointing unless you put things into proper perspective. Your mental wanderings need not be upsetting if you see them as simply another plot twist in your story. Author Alan Cohen wrote, Dance on the edge of mystery.

Leo Daily Horoscope Wednesday – Nov 27, 2019
Creativity is your strong suit today, especially if you move beyond what is normal or expected. An innocent childs perspective is whats required to maximize the potential of the current cosmic magic. Your view of time can be complicated as you look back on what was enjoyable years ago. Explore long-forgotten sources of fun and frivolity, but not as a nostalgic excursion. Instead ask what can be recalled and rebirthed in the present moment. Fond recollections yield beautiful flowers from the compost of your memories. Repurpose, recycle, and reuse.

Virgo Daily Horoscope Wednesday – Nov 27, 2019
Although your home life may be copacetic now, you imagine there are ways to make it even better. However, your desire for improvement wont require you to renovate your entire personal space; its merely a mindset toward how you wish to change for the future. Your current improvisation leads to creative thoughts that guide your progress. However, you must speak the truth if you are to succeed. Lean on gratitude as an inspirational force. Confucius said, The strength of a nation is derived from the integrity of its home.

Libra Daily Horoscope Wednesday – Nov 27, 2019
Your voice brings others to bear upon their providence. Nevertheless, you could become so enamored with your position that you lose touch with reality. Your innate ability to debate is strengthened by your sense of balance and equality. Those who misunderstand the current situation stand to benefit from the elegance you radiate. Experiment by offering grace to those who cannot justify their choices. Your gentle words present a welcomed relief to others sorrow. Your compassion is a catalyst for healing and growth.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Wednesday – Nov 27, 2019
Trouble stems from those never honest with their declarations. But following someone elses intention is not spiritual unto itself. Creative and rebellious ideas align with one another in an adrenaline rush, as competition increases with those who disagree with your plans. Avoid harsh words and align with the tools that are most productive for you. Wear your determination as a badge of honor and delve into what is working versus what is not. Be ready to receive the rewards of the present moment. Sweep up the dust of past thoughts and rejoice in the treasure you find.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Wednesday – Nov 27, 2019
You are like a moth to a flame today. You may become so entranced by something or someone now that your obsession is apparent to those around you. You might decide to add fascinating people to your highly guarded inner circle, even if others advise against it. Nevertheless, youre motivated to stretch beyond old limits and previous assumptions. Opportunities lurk just out of view if youre willing to embrace the unknown. Author Robin Sharma wrote, Every person you meet has a lesson to teach, a story to tell, and a dream to share.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope Wednesday – Nov 27, 2019
Multitudes of influence pepper your thoughts. However, you still are the arbiter of your own reality since you can choose which thoughts deserve your attention and which ones are designated to reside in your vivid imagination. Your critical discernment holds all the cards today. Although you might prefer to rely on the hard cold facts, your intuition is the best current source of ingenious ideas. Uncovering the truth is an honorable pursuit. Trungpa Chogyam Rinpoche taught, First shot, best shot!

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Wednesday – Nov 27, 2019
Sugar is the sweetness that entices the masses. In fact, its far easier to attract with honey than vinegar. You might not change a lot of minds today. but those who know you are already aware of your kind heart. Revising the past wont open any doors now. Thankfully, new thinking creates a vessel of hope that will carry you from the darkness into the light. Embracing unconventional ideas breaks new ground. Uncharted waters hold the secrets to your souls satisfaction.

Pisces Daily Horoscope Wednesday – Nov 27, 2019
Your world is rich like a nuanced fabric, offering multiple textures and sensations. Friends and coworkers who cling to their oversimplified points of view need to hear the rebuttal. You may wish to challenge their thinking with facts and figures, but wonder if anyone would bother to listen. The variety of choices can be overwhelming now, encouraging you to opt out at the last moment and head back to the safety of your home base. Dont spread your energy too thin today, but stand up for the truth. Keeping it real inspires loyal allies to band together for the collective good.


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