Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Nov 15, 2019

Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Nov 15, 2019

Aries Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Nov 15, 2019
It is all very well thinking you have a certain relationship under control, and that all you have to do is snap your fingers. However, today’s going to be a day where you’ll be forced yourself into a situation in which you will have to readjust your expectations. Your partner (current or prospective) may be tired of having to live up to impossible expectations, and begin to show their true colors. How will you cope?

Taurus Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Nov 15, 2019
You might need to go against the grain, and let go of any barriers to a night of profound and undying passion. This may surprise you as much as it surprises and pleases your love interest. Letting go of your inhibitions may not only signal the start of a truly great relationship, but also a new phase in life. Go for it.

Gemini Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Nov 15, 2019
Although you generally like everything to be nice and very coordinated, life and relationships are rarely like this, and especially not today. You could find some unpleasant feelings bubbling up to the surface, which it would not be wise to ignore. You may have to have one of “those” kinds of conversations, in order to clear the way for a really romantic date this evening.

Cancer Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Nov 15, 2019
You, more than most, understand the power of love to transform difficult relationships into miracles of heart-to-heart communication. The opportunity to transform one particular close relationship that may have been causing you a few problems will be handed to you on a plate today. It just takes courage to be honest, open, and vulnerable to make just such a change possible. Go ahead, dare to be…

Leo Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Nov 15, 2019
Somehow it seems that today, you will have a better understanding of the intricacies of a certain relationship. If you have been jogging along fairly contentedly, yet have recently had the feeling that the relationship contains far more potential than you are both currently aware of, then it may be time to take action. Arrange new activities or do something different – anything that will awaken you both to greater things.

Virgo Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Nov 15, 2019
Sometimes the pressure becomes so intense that something just has to give way. The cork might just finally pop. There may not be a lot you can do about this, except to accept what is happening, and know that although the relationship may be going through a period of chaos, it will soon be in a much better state than before.

Libra Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Nov 15, 2019
You’ll be able to muster up the courage to go and speak to the person who has captured your heart. You may be feeling nervous as you begin the conversation, but this is only because you know deep inside just what a profound effect they are going to have on you and your life. Yet you also know that you have to tread this path.

Scorpio Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Nov 15, 2019
Relationships have to change and transform themselves on a continuous basis in order to remain fresh and alive. The opportunity to see your current relationship in a new light will come your way, and through heart-to-heart discussion, come to a place where you can both move on to a new level of trust and understanding.

Sagittarius Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Nov 15, 2019
There is a possibility of great transformation within your current relationship. If you have been feeling that things between you have become a little stagnant recently, you can take steps to alter the things that seem to be posing obstacles to a new sense of vitality. Give your love a chance and a new sense of direction.

Capricorn Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Nov 15, 2019
You may have to make a choice between being overly fussy, and determined to pick holes in everything that your beloved dares to do or say, or changing your attitude. Change is indeed in the air, and you can make the most of this opportunity to revolutionize the way you perceive your current relationship. Go on – be nice!

Aquarius Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Nov 15, 2019
You would do well to plunge yourself in deep and profound thought concerning a certain close relationship. Change and transformation may seem like slightly frightening and insecure concepts, but they can also indicate a new phase in your partner (current or prospective)ship that could recreate the sense of magic that you felt right at the beginning. Only this time you have a profound understanding of each other’s good and bad points.

Pisces Daily Love Horoscope Friday – Nov 15, 2019
Your beliefs about a certain close relationship may undergo a transformation today. If you have had certain fantasies and ideas that are not really based on the truth of the situation as it is, then you may be in for some kind of rude awakening. If you can let things be as they are – you could be in for a pleasant surprise.


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