Daily Love Horoscope – July 12, 2024

Daily Love Horoscope – July 12, 2024

ARIES Daily Love Horoscope July 12, 2024

Lie low now, Aries. Do not play with fire at this time. Soft and sweet Venus, dancing like a goddess in the sky, is approaching a trap laid by the planet of the underworld, Pluto. This energy will begin to creep in today as they stand opposite of one another in the skies. This will add intense pressure to your closest relationships. Out of nowhere, you—or your partner—may feel tremendous jealousy, suspicion, possessiveness, or even hatred. The overwhelming intensity could lead you into a sharp disagreement that causes you both to resent one another. Focus on compassion and love instead of tension.

TAURUS Daily Love Horoscope July 12, 2024

We will face a rather strange and challenging energy today, Taurus. Do your best to be strong and stable. Your planetary ruler, Venus, is soft, and this is what gives you your tender heart. Slowly, today, she will march forward in the sky and stand opposite the god of the underworld, Pluto. Beware of power struggles in relationships, as well as intense and overwhelming suspicion, manipulation, jealousy, or fear. If Pluto gets into your heart and mind, the love that you have could be stolen from you. Don’t engage in any dark energy, and simply let it pass on by. Always know that the universe is never trying to punish us but to help us to evolve.

GEMINI Daily Love Horoscope July 12, 2024

As carefree and spontaneous as you often are, Gemini, there is a shadow side that exists in you, too. Your symbol is the Twins, showing that while you have a brighter, more social nature that you show the world, there is a deeper, more hidden piece of your soul. Today’s cosmic weather will bring out the shadow in you. Venus will clash in a very challenging opposition with Pluto from across the sky. This planetary opposition will be no fun for anyone. For you, this will trigger internal fears that may manifest as jealousy, manipulation, or power struggles. Do not engage. Stand on higher ground. 

CANCER Daily Love Horoscope July 12, 2024

Toughen up your heart, Cancer. You are set to experience a potentially dark day regarding love and partnership. You like to show the world that you have a hard shell, but when it comes to your softest side, you can sometimes fall into a pattern of giving too much control away. Today, you will feel as if a shadow in the night is consuming your mind and your soul. Venus will stand opposite the fury of Pluto. This could elicit dramatic outbursts and aggression if there are power imbalances in your relationship—especially around money. Don’t feed the darkness at this time. It will win if you do.

LEO Daily Love Horoscope July 12, 2024

The underworld of your life is going to hiss like the first cracks of a mountain that turns it into a seething volcano, Leo. The energy of today is especially volatile for your relationships—and you must choose to empower your most honorable integrity to weather this storm. Venus, as she dances in your solar first house of identity—your zodiac sign—will stand opposite Pluto, eager to assert his power and dominion. You could be seduced into a scandalous affair if you’re not careful—or if you have been involved with one, face violence and jealousy at this time. Always focus on living a life of truth, integrity, and love.

VIRGO Daily Love Horoscope July 12, 2024

The cosmic weather today is not particularly sweet, Virgo. As Venus dances through the heavens, she will stand opposite the god of the underworld. Pluto, fuming and furious in the skies, will seek to clash against our Lesser Benefic. This ensures that a secret could come out at this time—perhaps about your lover engaging with someone in a less than positive way—or that you, yourself, have dashed into an affair with someone who isn’t a match for you. The drama would enfold with jealousy. Do your best to release negative relationships and situations and try to stand in your highest self.

LIBRA Daily Love Horoscope July 12, 2024

As much as you can hold your own and choose integrity in your relationships, Libra, you also sometimes can have a bit of a jealous side to you. Sometimes, this can manifest as a desire for possession of someone that ultimately leads to obsession followed by depression. This is especially true for you if you have hungered for love but haven’t found it reflected back. Your planetary ruler, Venus, faces the fury of Pluto today, which will trigger intense emotions in regard to your relationships. It would not be wise to play games, as they will end up creating more tension between these two planets, which are opposite one another.

SCORPIO Daily Love Horoscope July 12, 2024

In love, sex, and marriage, you want it all—or nothing at all, Scorpio. You thrive in the intensity of your emotions and deep relationships. Oftentimes, they transform you, even if they bring heartbreak in the end. However, today, trauma could result in playing with fire. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, will cross swords with the might of your planetary co-ruler, Pluto, as they stand opposite of one another in the skies. This ensures that the darkest forces of people’s subconscious will rise up like demons in the shadows of the night. Do not make sudden decisions about love. You will regret them no matter what.

SAGITTARIUS Daily Love Horoscope July 12, 2024

Sometimes, your greatest stories and sense of humor come from learning from relationships and heartbreak, Sagittarius. However, the venom that leaks down from the sky today will not be the kind of story you celebrate. Venus, the goddess planet of love and beauty, now dancing through the heavens, will stand opposite the might of the good of the underworld, Pluto. This ensures that intense pressure will be placed on your relationship, especially if one of you feels you are not getting everything you deserve. Be open and honest with your lover, but do not insult them in any way. When these two planets are opposite of one another, no one wins.

CAPRICORN Daily Love Horoscope July 12, 2024

You pride yourself on being able to weather any storm or drama that is thrown at you, Capricorn. You tend to disengage, harden your heart, and take an intellectual approach to comprehend why it happened. But beware, as the relationship trauma hissing beneath the surface within you and others escape like demons born from the inferno today. Sweet Venus spins in your solar eighth house and will stand opposite the god of the underworld, Pluto. You—or your sweetheart—may decide this is a time for domination regarding love. This will trigger a game of dominance and submission or power plays that no one will win in the end. Do not give into the shadows.

AQUARIUS Daily Love Horoscope July 12, 2024

Something wicked this way comes, Aquarius. In fact, it could be tremendously nefarious in nature. Fierce Pluto, orbiting in your solar first house of identity, will soar like a dragon and breathe fire down upon Venus, engulfing her in flames as she spins in your solar seventh house of partnership. This ensures that drama in relationships will be pronounced today. If you are tempted into an affair now, it will end up becoming one of your greatest regrets. If you already had one, enemies and secrets could lurk. Be cautious and be aware. Find a way to distance yourself from the darkness.

PISCES Daily Love Horoscope July 12, 2024

A piece of your spirit is always praying for peace, Pisces. You love, you give, and you hope for the best. But sometimes, you end up ensnared in the weeds of the jungle and then falling into a cave with no way to escape. Today, your relationships may suffer—with friends, lovers, and perhaps even exes. As Venus in the heavens darts amongst the caverns, crying out for help, she will find a thousand poisonous snakes hungry for blood. This is because of Pluto, who demands that you face the ultimatums of who and what you truly love. Don’t rock the boat with these two planets opposite of one another in the skies.


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