Daily Love Horoscope – June 12, 2024

Daily Love Horoscope – June 12, 2024

ARIES Daily Love Horoscope June 12, 2024

You may end up feeling like a dog with its tail between its legs today, Aries. You are also likely to be facing some challenging and disappointing news. This is because mental Mercury, the cosmic messenger planet of the mind and communication, is in the middle of a mini battle with mighty Saturn, the planet of hardship, opposition, and karma now orbiting in your solar twelfth house of anxiety, secrets, and hidden enemies. Now is not the time to trust others or make important decisions in relationships. Try to let the storm clouds blow by, and you’ll soon be thinking more clearly.

TAURUS Daily Love Horoscope June 12, 2024

Mercury is racing along like a hurricane this entire month, Taurus. Today, he is heading toward yet another battle—this time with an icy Saturn. With our cosmic messenger planet of the mind and communication sizzling like a whirlwind in your solar second house of finances, he’ll feel his fire dim beneath the gaze of a cold Saturn located in your solar eleventh house of friendships, communities, and groups. This means that there could be rocky news and discussions around money and friendship—perhaps even the fact that your partner and pals dislike each other because someone isn’t going to be paying you back.

GEMINI Daily Love Horoscope June 12, 2024

Beware the rocky vibes today. Your planetary ruler, our cosmic messenger, Mercury, is feeling especially moody, Gemini. This will affect you, too, as it makes you feel like you’re experiencing poor self-esteem or insecurity. Icy Saturn will glare at him in a square, highlighting that today is not the time to discuss your ideas or have deep conversations with your crush or significant other. They may find you not thinking clearly and end up saying something that pops your ego. Spend some time alone today and tomorrow to let the storm clouds pass, and everything should be better.

CANCER Daily Love Horoscope June 12, 2024

Negativity could pop up for you to face today, Cancer. This is because mental Mercury—the planet of the mind and communication—is stirring the pot yet again. He has been charging through the sky and will soon catch the gaze of an icy Saturn. This guarantees that you could feel quite lonely and a bit down. You may notice that challenges crop up. Don’t make any significant decisions in life or love because you won’t be thinking clearly and could end up regretting them in the end. Rocky news may deflate you. Take a step back and breathe.

LEO Daily Love Horoscope June 12, 2024

Disappointment could be written in the stars today, Leo. This is because mental Mercury—who has been on a racetrack in the sky—continues to soar into thundering clouds. He’s been energizing your solar eleventh house of joy. Today, he will clash with icy Saturn spinning in your solar eighth house of intimacy and shared assets. This means that you and a partner could receive some rocky news around money matters—perhaps even caught in a disagreement between you. Don’t sign agreements, and don’t let the storms crash down upon you.

VIRGO Daily Love Horoscope June 12, 2024

A disagreement could be coming your way today, unfortunately, Virgo. As mental Mercury, our cosmic messenger planet of the mind and communication and also your planetary ruler, continues his tour of the skies, he will be cast beneath the shadows of icy Saturn across the sky from you in your solar seventh house of partnerships. This means that your most significant relationship will be tested because you are not seeing eye to eye. In fact, you may feel like your lover is being more critical, judgmental, and demanding of you. Do your best to always lead with compassion, love, and kindness.

LIBRA Daily Love Horoscope June 12, 2024

Our cosmic messenger, Mercury, is heading downhill into a car crash, Libra. It’s as if his brakes have broken, and he’s spinning down the streets faster. This energy will be activated today, ensuring that frustration or disagreements could pop up out of nowhere. This is because he will spin in the depths of space, crashing against the unstoppable force and immovable object of mighty and cold Saturn. If you end up feeling depressed and defeated, take some time for some TLC. Know that life is meant to have ups and downs, and how we roll with the punches defines who we are.

SCORPIO Daily Love Horoscope June 12, 2024

Take a deep breath, Scorpio. Rocky news and heavy moods are possible today. This is because our cosmic messenger planet, mental Mercury, is supercharged in your solar eighth house of intimacy and assets. While this often brings good news around money and trust, stormy clouds are gathering now that he is heading toward a square with icy and virulent Saturn, peering from your solar fifth house of true love, romance, and passion. Disappointment around love, trust, and wealth could be right around the corner. Do your best to avoid flying off the handle and exacerbating things.

SAGITTARIUS Daily Love Horoscope June 12, 2024

Get ready to face some darker clouds, Sagittarius. Today’s cosmic weather is like the arrival of a bitter ice storm. Mental Mercury has been acting pompous and arrogant as he soars through the sky, and today, he will catch the glare of mighty Saturn, now stationed in your solar fourth house. This means that you could feel low and insecure or find that your thoughts are heavy and dark. If you end up noticing rocky tension with your one and only—especially in regard to home, family, or real estate matters—agree to shelve these discussions until later next week.

CAPRICORN Daily Love Horoscope June 12, 2024

Even though you do have a serious side, you do have a sense of humor, Capricorn. However, your famous sarcastic side may even get a bit darker. Mental Mercury is making tracks through your solar sixth house, clashing with an icy Saturn in your solar third house. This is not a time to make plans with your lover about travel—and you may even feel that they doubt your ideas and planning skills. If you feel depressed, deflated, and defeated, try to revisit conversations later. Work may also be throwing rocky news your way, so if you need to just get down to business, that may be the best thing to do rather than letting it out on your sweetheart.

AQUARIUS Daily Love Horoscope June 12, 2024

You’re set to face another cosmic battle that could test your relationships today, Aquarius. This is because your traditional planetary ruler, Saturn, will be in a particularly dark mood. Currently, he orbits in your solar second house of finances and will trade blows with mental Mercury, now spinning in your solar fifth house of romance and joy. Rocky news around your wealth could pop up, causing you and your partner to exchange sharp words. An investment you thought was a winner could leave your significant other doubting your judgment.

PISCES Daily Love Horoscope June 12, 2024

A conflict could appear today, Pisces, so keep your antennae up. This is because you and a partner are not seeing eye to eye, and both of you could need to air out your feelings. Mental Mercury across the sky from you is energizing your solar fourth house of domesticity. Still, he will clash with mighty Saturn, who now orbits in your zodiac sign and your solar first house of identity. This means that when it comes to communication and ideas, you’re just not on the same page. Beware of seeming too cold and controlling now, and if you throw up a defensive or aggressive attack, your partner could end up feeling very hurt. 


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