Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Aug 26, 2019

Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Aug 26, 2019

Aries Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Aug 26, 2019
The current planetary configuration brings the chance to enjoy life a little. It is not a day that you and your partner will want to spend alone. You may feel like getting out and generally enjoying yourselves in the company of others with whom you feel a close bond. This will be a day for sunshine and laughter, for perhaps sharing a meal and just enjoying a sense of togetherness.

Taurus Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Aug 26, 2019
The atmosphere today is surprisingly buoyant after a fairly heavy spell. If you are looking for love and romance, then it is not a good time to stay indoors. Romance can be found in the kind of places where the spirit of laughter and friendliness is celebrated. Whether this means a trip to a local meeting place, or perhaps an outing somewhere in the country – you will enjoy this time immensely.

Gemini Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Aug 26, 2019
You will enjoy the energy of today, especially if you are single and looking out for someone to share your optimistic outlook on life. Go somewhere where you can meet those who enjoy the same kind of sporting activities that you do. Or perhaps join a philosophical discussion group. The cosmic atmosphere is great, so just have fun and be yourself, and the right person will come along.

Cancer Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Aug 26, 2019
The energy in the air today emanating from the planetary configuration should put a smile on your face. If you have the chance, it will be good to take your partner out somewhere you can relax together, and where the atmosphere will restore the spirit of laughter between you. It is time to forget the cares of life for a while and have some fun together.

Leo Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Aug 26, 2019
You will enjoy today, as the current planetary configuration brings that optimistic feeling and love of the human race with it. People may be a little full of themselves, and will certainly not be backward about coming forward. It may be a good idea not to expect a peaceful time, but rather a very active and energetic time. If you can go somewhere sporty with your partner, you will really enjoy the day.

Virgo Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Aug 26, 2019
The atmosphere is one of joy and bonhomie today, thanks to the planetary configuration. It would be a good plan to spend the day out with your loved one, or enjoying yourself with other friends. The atmosphere is just too good to be alone, and is a wonderful time for a party or other celebration. The music and wine may flow, but you’ll find a way to cope.

Libra Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Aug 26, 2019
Some days we are willing to put our own interests aside in order to help out or give another a break. With today’s planetary aspect, it may be difficult for both of you to lay anything aside, as you are each determined to have a slice of the action. This could result in the two of you not getting anywhere. Ego issues may spoil a pleasant day.

Scorpio Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Aug 26, 2019
The planetary aspect that is forming may encourage you to be you more extravagant than you can actually afford. There is only so much in your pocket, and you may feel so trusting in the bountifulness of the universe to bring all you need that you want to take the special person in your life out for a really good meal. Just be sure you really do have the funds.

Sagittarius Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Aug 26, 2019
With today’s planetary configuration, you feel very full of the magic of life. You can do a lot to improve your romantic life, but it needs to be based on reality, and not on idle promises. You have the possibility of having a good day, but if you say that you are going to take your dearest to Paris for lunch, then mean it – otherwise there could be problems.

Capricorn Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Aug 26, 2019
There is the possibility of a lot of warmth and good feeling around today. You could experience joy and exuberance in your close relationships. It is also a great time for parties and any kind of travel. Don’t try to use all your energy at once, and get exhausted. It would benefit both of you to try and pace the day; otherwise, you’ll be tired before it has begun.

Aquarius Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Aug 26, 2019
Today could be fairly action-packed, and full of the things you enjoy doing. The planetary configuration that is forming gives a carnival atmosphere to the day. Before you and your partner set out to conquer the world, you may need to check that you have not forgotten to include anyone. You may both be full of yourselves and a little too over-excited. Give others a chance to enjoy themselves, too.

Pisces Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Aug 26, 2019
A sunny atmosphere will pervade the air today, especially given the current planetary configuration. There is a feeling of optimism all around. You and your loved one could take advantage of this to just enjoy being together, and also to enjoy the presence of treasured friends. It’s a great time to hold a party to celebrate the good things in life and the wonderful company around you.


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