Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Nov 11, 2019

Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Nov 11, 2019

Aries Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Nov 11, 2019
You don’t have a mean or malicious temper; it’s simply that your anger tends to boil over when you can’t have what you want when you want it. It is clear that you need to vent your spleen about something that you have been complaining about for some time. Once you have gotten it out of your system, perhaps you can both be friends again? Decidedly yes, as you’ve got luck on your side!

Taurus Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Nov 11, 2019
Your date this evening is set to be a little feisty. If your friend seems to get hot and bothered, and makes a fuss about nothing, then the best advice is to be polite and ignore it. You may get the best out of them by initiating a spirited conversation on any one of a number of contentious issues. Provide an easy way out – just once!

Gemini Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Nov 11, 2019
Your partner (current or prospective) will most probably seem determined to initiate arguments. This will especially be the case if they have been under stress. Probably they just need to find an outlet. It may well be worth your while to send your mate out to the gym where they can vent their mood on the equipment instead of you, and get some exercise as well.

Cancer Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Nov 11, 2019
You may feel a sense of competition in the air at tonight’s social gathering. If both you and a close friend have your sights set on the same person, then the evening will provide a unique source of entertainment. But don’t let it degenerate into the kind of game that turns you both, unnecessarily, into rivals. You friendship doesn’t need to sink to those depths.

Leo Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Nov 11, 2019
If you and your partner (current or prospective) are aware of resentment building up between you, then this is a good day to get it out in the open and to resolve the problem once and for all. Things are stirring you both up, on purpose. Use this occasion to speak your mind and share your feelings, even if they are a little over-the-top.

Virgo Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Nov 11, 2019
You may feel ready to break out of a relationship that has had you in a bind for some time. If you can summon up the courage and sense of conviction, then it is perhaps best to make a clean break. The chances are that if it has been bad for you, it has been bad for your partner (current or prospective), too. It is time to forgive each other and move on.

Libra Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Nov 11, 2019
If you need to summon your courage to let someone close know how you feel, then make the most of it the opportunities that come your way. You may lose your usual sense of attachment, but you also won’t be particularly bothered. Every once in a while it is a great feeling to go with the flow and just trust that what happens is meant to be.

Scorpio Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Nov 11, 2019
The intense period of time you have recently experienced may give you a good reason to get some clarity on your relationship with your romantic partner. If you have been spending most of your time together, with very little chance to meet up with family or friends, then give each other some much-needed space today. If you don’t, then you may find that you begin to really get on each other’s nerves, and that would be a great pity!

Sagittarius Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Nov 11, 2019
A sense of tension and conflict could make your relationship more strained today than usual. Both of you will feel the need to speak your mind, which could be a very good thing. The only problem is that you may not be worried enough about how you say what you have to say. This could lead to feelings of hurt and distrust.

Capricorn Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Nov 11, 2019
You will stand up for your principles and values. If you have been keeping quiet, while inwardly seething at some of the attitudes and patterns of behavior that your partner (current or prospective) has been displaying recently, then perhaps it is time to speak out. If you continue to suppress your real emotions on these issues, both you and the relationship will suffer in the end.

Aquarius Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Nov 11, 2019
Action is required from you. Not the usual kind where you move your lips and words tumble out of their own accord, but the kind of action that shows that you genuinely do care about your partner (current or prospective)’s needs and welfare. A loved one is tired of your promises, and would now like to see some concrete and tangible manifestation of your love. Can you rise to the occasion?

Pisces Daily Love Horoscope Monday – Nov 11, 2019
It is time to speak up and voice any resentment that you may be feeling concerning a certain aspect of your relationship. If you have been harboring suspicions about your partner (current or prospective)’s behavior for some time, and have so far remained silent, then do so no longer. You need to confront this issue and discover whether there is any substance to your worries or not!


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